Our amazing racing puppy Hannah (All The Milk)

Monday, April 1, 2013
Hannah flying :)
It has been the most amazing weekend for the Nightrave team: our racing greyhound puppy Hannah (All The Milk) won both her races  at Taranaki Easter race meet!!  Not only that - but she also posted the best time for puppy races for this weekend meet too! (dont ask me what the time was -I have no clue! :)
Hannah and her sister Stella were both broken in and are being trained by the lovely Mike Lozell in Tokoroa. Stella could not come to these races as she has come into season - but Hannah certainly had the best time! She won both her races, and she also posted the best time for the puppy races for the whole meeting! And, for one of those races -I was there! :)

On Saturday, our good friend Sue and myself drove to Hawera, the home of the Taranaki Greyhound Club, where the races were held. Sue took most of the pictures in this post (thank you so much Sue, for both coming with me and for taking these gorgeous shots of Hannah's big day!).

This was Hannah's very first race. First time she wore her racing rug! She was a very excited little dog. I was with her handler Mike and her before the race and she was raring to go!!! A little young dog who cannot wait for some action (you can click on photos for full size):

OMG I can hear the lure! I want it! :)
Yes, I know I look great in my designer racing collar and lead! But I can hear the lure! Get me on the track! 

OMG!!!!!! In the kennel block, I met my litter brother Isaac! I have not seen him for a while!
Despite desperately wanting to get out there to race , I took a  second to say hello :)

YES ! We are almost there! I cant wait!!!!!!

 The race was amazing. Hannah flew down that track -with a smile on her face:

Hannah is on the far right   - having the best time !

Hannah flying to the winning post, with a huge grin on her face

And yes, she won! Sue and me jumped and screamed  - and I have to admit, I had a few tears in my eyes :)  I was just stunned, and so happy for this little dog who was doing what she loves , and having the time of her life! I was also happy for her lovely trainers and handlers, Mike, Maxine, Max and another Mike. It was so humbling to see how supportive and sweet other trainers at the meeting were of us and Hannah -trainers whom I met through my volunteer work at GAP NZ (Greyhounds As Pets). They were as excited as I was, and kept congratulating us on our very first racing doggie doing so well. I was very touched. It was amazing.
It IS a dream come through - we have wanted a racing greyhound or two for a few years now. We at Nightrave are passionate about the breed and the sport which they love -and this very first racing greyhound of ours and her very first races are very emotional for us. I have to say - last Saturday, with Hannah and Sue and my friends at that track was very very special. And I will be honest and say I will never forget it, as long as I live. 
Sue took these amazing pictures after Hannah's win:
Hannah, Mike (Hannah's handler) and me :)
Hannah and me :) Hannah looks happy and  gorgeous, I look stunned !!! :)
A very special photo: Hannah being hosed after her race, by her handler Mike. Looking on are me and the lovely Max Mathews, who also handled Hannah. Max has been in greyhound racing for 30 years, and is an amazing man, a true gentleman. He was also our Yellow's (Gold For Thys) trainer!
Hannah loved the water :)
We are very excited about Hannah's future  - it will be a pleasure to watch her enjoy her racing career in the years to come. And it is a priviledge being able to be guardians of such an incredible racing dog. We will keep you all posted about Hannah's exploits via this blog!