New martingale collar designs and patterns in GAP Shop now!

Thursday, March 31, 2011
I have written before that  GAP Shop is now selling our own GAP martingale collars, with all proceeds going directly to the hounds who are waiting for homes in GAP kennels.
Below are the few new patterns just in! But do check out the shop for the whole range :) Go on -your hound deserves the best :) And remember -over $20 from each collar sold goes to the greyhounds looking for homes :)
Peppermint stripes

Cherries :)
Black and white checker
Oriental maroon with gold
Spots on green
I have volunteered to do procurement of materials and design of these collars -and I am so proud how they have turned out!

They are made by the greyhound trainer who makes lots of stuff for greyhound racing industry, and they are perfectly finished. All collars are fully adjustable and triple stitched at stress points to prevent breaking and prolong durability. All these collars are 1.5inch wide, which is suitable for most greyhounds. But we are having some 2inch ones made, for those few bigger hounds who need them :)
These cost $35 per collar (plus $2 for postage)- contact Sheila at GAP shop or phone (07) 858 3210 evenings and weekends.

Update from Priceless (Fancy Freda)


I have been at my home since the end of January this year; to start with I was a little perplexed by my new people, they would look at me and want nothing and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. It was very strange but they seem to be getting the hang of me as time goes by. :)
My new family started with some rules for me, I’m not allowed in the kitchen or in the bedroom and other parts of the house, also the leather couch in the lounge (but watch this space I’m working on it!). Mum was away for a few days a week to start with so I put Dad through his paces a bit, he’s a bit of a softy and I very quickly learnt how gentle he was with me even when I was doing naughty things. Okay okay I got on the bed and I know I’m not allowed there but it’s so warm and cushy and fun to play on. 

Mum is here all the time now and her and Dad take me in the car for adventures quite a bit. We went to stay with some people (Mum’s parents) and they soon fell in love with me, one of them gave me a heap of treats so that was fun. They put up some special gates so I had a safe space and I got to sleep with Mum and Dad (on the floor which was not ideal!!!). They also left a door open and so I got to go exploring which was so fun but Mum called me and I thought I best come back to keep her happy (it was possibly Mum’s happiest moment to see me running back to her :).
They took me to visit their friends Clare and Matt and their greyhounds  Zing and Gerry, it was really fun and I had Zing and Gerry wrapped around my paw very quickly, we had fun sleeping together and trotting about. We also had a run around their garden which was so fun, but then a tree jumped out of nowhere and got me, it really hurt so Mum and Clare took me to the vet and I don’t know what he did but I don’t remember the rest of the day (anti-inflammatory and painkillers). I had to take it easy for a bit after that but it was fine, (gave Mum and Dad a big fright though, think they realised just how much they loved me :)

We also went to the A & P show and I got to meet some other hounds! It was so hot but lots of fun. I had my picture taken with some hounds and children and the children were very nice, though I think they are, as creatures go, a little odd. When we went on another adventure one of the children came and said hello and offered me their biscuit and then ran away, when I followed he started making this awful noise so I went the other way, odd creatures for sure! :)
Not long after the A & P show we went for a hound coffee date, which was so cool, I got to play with other hounds and run about with them and even found biscuits in the grass. It was a great day! I did get asked to get out of the garden though, but I was only sniffing about! (Thanks Sally and Fleet)
Dad takes me for a walk in the morning, if I’m good we go down the cat street. Fascinating creatures cats! Some run away and some just look at me staunchly, but I love seeing them!  Mum and Dad usually take me for a walk in the evening too, sometimes we go in the car for an adventure and sometimes we go around the street. Either way when I know its walk time I get so excited I just can’t contain myself, I race around the couch and around the bedroom (I’m allowed in there now as its getting cold at night) and my whole body folds in half with exuberance, apparently its funny to watch because Mum and Dad are always smiling. But I know I have to come and stay still and calm to get my collar on and wait for them to take the lead out walking.
Walkies! Which way are we going to go ? :)
All in all I sleep a lot now I’ve settled into my home, I love my couch and my walks and Mum even invited me onto the leather couch the other night for a cuddle, I must have been good but she was muttering something about a slippery slope, whatever that means?
All in all I can’t really complain about my new life, it’s different but all that’s expected of me is that I relax and be a pet. Well that’s what I think, I get heaps of cuddles and love and treats and good food and sleep :). If I come when called and lay down (I’m learning this at the moment and well I’m told) when asked I get even more treats!!! Not a bad gig really, I think I’ll stay. :)

Picture of the day: Jack (Bigtime Thunder) opening his presents :)

Sarah from Wanganui used to race her boy Jack (Bigtime Thunder) - he was her first racing dog :)
A while ago Jack has retired at Sarah's home and she says 'he is the best pet you can imagine' :)

Update from Stanley (Chile Will He)

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Stanley with Alex and Emma
Gorgeous Stanley (Chile Will He) was adopted by Sarah, Chris, Alex and Emma from Palmerston North. And, Stanley has already joined our CGC (Canine Good Citizen) classes in Feilding Dog Club -we met him and his family there last week. He is the cutest, shiniest black doggie :)
 His new Mum just sent me this update and pictures (thanks a million Sarah!):

Stanley has now been with us for nearly a month and it is as if he has always been a part of our family. He is a very lovely, calm, sweet boy and we have all fallen for him. He can be bouncy and playful but only for very short bursts, I think this is something he will get better at :). He is very quiet generally but he has surprised us with the odd bark which is usually at neighbouring cats.
When I've taken him to school to pick up my daughter all the little kids crowd around him which doesn't in the least bit seem to bother him. I've had a few comments when out walking at the river with him especially when they see him in his smart red coat on cold mornings and people are very interested to know what he is like and where he came from. He is still getting used to us and our routines and has managed to allow us to let him sleep in our bedroom at night beside our bed on his own two quilts. He moves around a bit in the night and crashes into things and likes to shake his head and it's a bit like having a new baby!
 We are so glad we adopted a greyhound and you never know he may have a fellow greyhound companion in the future....:)

Waiting patiently for a nice tasty bone treat.
Having cuddles with his new Mum :)

Stanley in the car -so cute!!!
Cute doggie :)
Running at Ashhurst domain
Puffed after having a sprint - humans included!!

Run at Kyrewood today :)

Snow, Hugo and Benjamin
We went for a run at Kyrewood Equestrian center today - doggies had loads of fun, althought it was drizzling at times.
Our foster greyhounds Hugo (Young Valiant) and Snow (Snowie Secret),
Louie and Lucy,
and Kyrewood resident corgi Benjamin.

Benjamin, Hugo, Louie and Snow
Benjamin and Hugo
My gorgeous Louie (Charlston State) spent
most of the time looking for rabbits :)
Everybody loved the water jump!
Snow and Lucy
Snow loves water!
Lucy, Benjamin , Snow (rolling in the grass!) and Hugo
Benjamin and Lucy are best mates!

Sharon's foster greyhound Cutie (Tee Kay Girl)

Cutie (Tee Kay GIrl)
We just got a few pictures of Cutie (Tee Kay Girl) who is currently in foster care with Huggie (Stylish Huggie).
Aren't they both so CUTE? :)
Huggie and Cutie relaxing :)
Cutie :)

Hitchhiking hounds! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Our foster greyhound Hugo: I might need a ride...
Ever since I started this blog, a  number of my readers have asked how they could help greyhounds needing homes. Today I thought to do a post on that.

Some of the more obvious ways to help is fostering, donations, Steadfast friends and similar.
These are all explained on GAP website.
However, these are not the only things you can do! :)

One of the big challenges we face is transporting our hounds around the country.

Many of them get adopted, for example, by a family in Auckland. However, then our GAP kennel managers (Sonja and Irene) face yet another job : finding a ride for the dog to go to his new home. Many trainers help - if they are racing in Wanganui or Palmy, have free space in their trailer and if they live up North.
Some of our volunteers help too -by doing roadtrips to and from Sanson, taking dogs to their new homes. However, volunteers' time is limited, and trainers often dont have extra space in their vehicles and trailers.

As a result, sometimes it takes a week or even two weeks or more to find a ride for a greyhound who has a home already :( This of course means that that greyhound is taking space in the kennels or in a foster home, and as we all know, kennel space is VERY limited and foster homes are few. :(
IF we could get that greyhound to his/her new home faster -that means that another ex-racer can retire and come to GAP sooner!
Also, we have foster homes in Auckland -and sometimes fostered Auckland hounds need to be transported BACK to Sanson - after they dont need fostering any more, or need to go to their new home in, say, Wellington.

So this is where you can make a BIG difference.
Do you travel for work or pleasure, anywhere south of Auckland?
It does not have to be Palmerston North, or Wellington. If you come to Taupo regularly, for example, that can be a big help as we could easily meet you in Taupo and give you a greyhound to take to Auckland! How about your partner, friends, family members? Do you have a bach in Taupo maybe, which you come to often, or do you come skiing to Ruapehu over winter? Perhaps you have family in New Plymouth that you visit often? Maybe you have someone coming from Hawkes Bay who visits you often?

ALL these trips can make a huge difference to greyhounds and to GAP.

If you or anyone you know might be able to help with this, do contact me on

Update on Speedy :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Speedy and his sister Jazz The Great Dane :)
Speedy's Mum sent us an update and few pics of her gorgeous boy (thanks so much Bronwyn, pictures are just the cutest!):

Speedy had his first outing with the Wairarapa group on Saturday and had a great time. I was a bit worried as he is still not confident with strangers but he did me proud and happily played with the other dogs.

At home he is just the happiest boy - so easy to have. He is such a big part of our family we cant imagine life without him. Mostly he is very affectionate but he does have his naughty moments like stealing my running cap and a few books to take out onto there playing field!
I am sure the confidence with other people will come - it has only been three months :)

Partners in crime: stealing Mum's cap!

Bridget reading to Speedy about a week after he arrived :)
Playing X Box with his teenage friends :)