Beautiful Legs (Opawa Legs) is looking for retirement home - could it be with you?

Friday, November 21, 2014
Isn't he dark and handsome? And cute as a button :)
This is 3 years old Legs (Opawa Legs), a recently retired racer  who is now looking for a loving retirement home.
Legs is very cute, very well behaved, and a very loving, soft doggie. He is very clever, clean inside the house (it took no time at all to toilet train him), and a perfect gentleman at all times. He is very affectionate, loves his cuddles and his walks, and walks beautifully on a lead.
 Needless to say -Legs is very good looking, sleek and smooth,  with gorgeous brown eyes. He is about 31kg-32kg, neutered male, 3 years old. He has the most amazing upright standing ears and sometimes looks like a German Shepherd :)

Legs is perfectly fine being left alone at home for extended periods of time, so he is suitable for busy people who go to work etc. At the same time - he would make a lovely companion for another dog - he loves all dogs of all breeds and sizes. Although a perfect young gentleman who is in love with his bed, Legs has his very playful moments sometimes (which involve 'killing' his soft toys and throwing them around), and he also loves playing with other dogs. :)

Handsome lad :)
Legs is very chilled out and sleeps for hours; but is also very keen to learn as well as very motivated by treats and praise so will be easy to train.  He loves his food, is not fussy at all, and would do anything for treats.
He is lovely and soft with kids - when we walk him out and about, he perks up when he sees kids and wags his tail even faster!
Legs has been socialized with dogs of all breeds and sizes (he has been attending Canine Good Citizen classes in our local dog training club). Legs would find cats a bit too much of a temptation to live with (so homes with no cats please) , however, he is not too bothered with cats out and about and can easily be corrected.

Legs would not take long to settle in with his new family as he is an independent and confident dog. Legs is also crate-trained  - in fact, he loves his crate and goes there on command.

Legs was beautifully bred from top lines of racing dogs, and he was dearly loved by his trainers and handlers during his racing career.  As a result, he is extremely friendly and  loves all people, as well as car trips as they remind him of going to the races :)

Legs will go to his new home health checked, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and registered. He has also had a full dental polish done.
He will also come with a complimentary Nightrave designer collar and lead, of course :) We will be more than happy to help with settling in, advice , training or whatever else new owners might need.

If you would like to know more about Legs, please contact us on, or call Fatima on 0274 526723. We are more than happy to arrange for you (and your pack if you have one) to meet Legs :)

Legs' racing history is here:


And of course, some more photos of the pretty boy (you can click on photos to see full size):