Adopt a wallaby !!!! :-)

Saturday, July 31, 2010
We have a new foster greyhound - a 2 year old Nugget (Pepper Law). We however, think she is not a dog, let alone a greyhound: she is a wallaby!
So if you are Australian in New Zealand, perhaps missing home, Nugget would  make a lovely addition to your family ! :-)
She looks like a wallaby, jumps like one (she jumped into the fish pond today!) and eats like one (eats EVERYTHING in sight! :-)

Nugget The Wallaby!
Nugget and Louie (Charlston State)

See the resemblance???:-)
Nugget is (besides being a wallaby) a little Madam, who believes she is indeed special and VERY pretty :-) She also likes finer things in life, like fancy baths, having her coat brushed,  pedicures, and most off all, nice couches full of cushions. :-)
YES! This is what I want! (however, she was on this couch for less than a minute -foster greyhounds are not allowed on couches). Every time we tell her off -she cannot believe it!

Can you believe I am not allowed on furniture?!
Pretty Nugget :-)

Nugget and Rachel
Nugget is a fun greyhound, very bouncy, very playful :-) She loves her bed and like any greyhound, sleeps for hours too. But really, she is quite active and would LOVE a home where she can get exercise and stimulation she needs. She would do great in Canine Good Citizens and Rally-O class too .
Nugget with her new friend :-)
Lucy and Nugget with their new little friend :-)

Michelle's kids :-)

Friday, July 30, 2010
Just stole this photo off Michelle's Facebook page :-)
It was taken this morning at one of the West Coast beaches in Auckland.
Maddy, Stanley (Park Red) and Barney (Cool Customer)  :-)

Pictures of the day: Charlie (Staring Charlie)

Thursday, July 29, 2010
Charlie (Staring Charlie) was adopted in May this year and now lives in Auckland. I just got these recent pictures of him - isn't he just the happiest , amazing looking boy? :-)
BTW -we had the pleasure of fostering Charlie for a week or so - we love all our foster greyhounds, but Charlie was one of our favourites! :-)

Happy boy! (check out the smile!)

Marion's foster greyhound Bonny (Kiwi Maid)

Marion sent me a few pictures of her foster girl Bonny, who has TOTALLY settled in Marion's house, despite being there for less than a week! She is smiling like a cat who got the cream ! :-)

I'm Bonny and I like to think I'm colour coded to this rug!

A new greyhound blog !!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Beryl can shake hands :-)
Beryl's Mum Sue has started her own blog -YEY!

Sue adopted Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) almost 4 months ago, as a sister for her adorable Kelpie-cross Frankie. Beryl is already so well trained, she has perfect recall and knows MANY tricks :-)
Sue follows SO many greyhound blogs from all over the world, and has an amazing knowledge of everything greyhound-related (especially where to get fanciest martingale collars! :-)
Beryl also comes for our Canine Good Citizens and Rally-O classes and is just the prettiest girl -we are looking forward to posts from Sue's blog!
Click on the link below to open Sue's blog ('Greyhounds CAN Sit') in a new window:

Beryl the shark!!! (and our foster greyhound Tyson looking on!)

GAP greyhound number 500 adopted :-)

GAP has successfully adopted greyhound number 500!
It is in the news today - with a writeup and the cutest picture of the greyhound in question: stunning brindle 5 year old boy called Joey (Slingback).
Joey was trained and raced by Louie's trainers, Denis, Pam and David Schofield; he was an amazing racer, having had 69 starts and winning over $41,000 in stakes.

Joey (Slingback) with his new parents :-)
Click on the link below to open Scoop website article in a new window:
I have just looked at the race calendar for this week and - Race #10 at Hatrick (Wanganui) today and Race #4 at Forbury Park (Dunedin) tomorrow have been named "The Greyhounds As Pets 500th Adoption" :-)

Picture of the day: Corey (Ravaillac)

Monday, July 26, 2010
Corey's Mum Wendy sent me this picture of her boy -isnt he gorgeous?

Ashhurst GAP walk , July 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

We had over 20 greyhounds at the walk at Ashhurst Domain today, and they had loads of fun! :-)
Check out the pictures (thanks Sue, Anthony and Sonja!)

Tyson (Canya See Me) and Leo (Our Cheetah):

Tyson again, with Leo's sister Jazz (Homebush Squirt) :

Rozzo (Maximum):

Handsome Leo (Our Cheetah):

Sam (Fortold) and friend:

Irene and Stevie (No Spoken Word), practising for their upcoming Dog Show :)

Raz(Rezende) with his foster Mum Cynthia:

Eliza and George, with their humans :-)

My beautiful Louie (Charlston State) - he thought he saw a rabbit! Alas, it turned out to be just a bird :)

Babe (Sexy Babe):

Nugget (Pepper Law) and her new friend:

Cute Chase: