Meet Louie's Mum, Charlston Babe!

Monday, February 28, 2011
This weekend I went for an unexpected road trip to Auckland. On the way back, I stopped at Louie's trainers' greyhound kennels , and I FINALLY got some pictures of his Mum, Ellie (Charlston Babe).
I met Ellie 2 years ago, shortly after I adopted Louie, but I somehow never managed to get photos of her.
So here is gorgeous 12 year old Ellie, who has been Louie's trainer's pet greyhound for years:

You can see where Louie gets his obsession with the couch :)

Also, I met famous Yambla Jack! I saw him racing before and always thought that he was stunning looking and clever racer . This amazing dog earned almost $90,000 in ONLY 84 starts! Incredible or what???

Well, I had no idea, but he has also retired at his trainer's house. He is the cutest, soppiest, cuddliest, gorgeous doggie. He wags his tail furiously whenever he sees anyone, and is THE CUTEST.
I loved Jack the moment I saw him -he has got the most clever eyes and an impressive demeanor. I have said it before and I will say it again: I love all greyhounds, but for me, there is something about top racing dogs, something in their temperament, something in their personalities and demeanor that makes them unique and simply uncomparable to any other dog. Maybe it is the experience they had, professional side to them , their genetics...I am not sure. The only thing I know is that for me, personally, top performing dogs' temperament, manners and friendliness impresses me the most.
And yes, My Louie was a top racer too :)

 Here is Jack with his little friend Anastasia:

Isn't the THE CUTEST?

Kisses for Anastasia
I also met 10 gorgeous greyhound puppies and their Mum Mel (Fancy Mel). OMG they are SO cute! They are 8 weeks old :) AND they already have a couch in their enclosure - I am NOT joking! Check out the pictures below - in the background, you can see a blue couch!!!! :)

And last but not the least, the pups' proud Mum, Fancy Mel:

Update from Zing and Gerry!

Friday, February 25, 2011
Handsome boys:
Gerry (with blue collar) and Zing (with black collar)
At the beginning of this month, Zing (Thrilling Zing) and young unraced Gerry were adopted by Clare and Matt from Paraparaumu.
They are both brindle, and look like brothers :)
 (in the photos Gerry has blue collar, Zing black collar) :)

This is an update from their proud new Mum Clare:
We welcomed 2 large brindle boys into our home, named Zing and Gerry. Gerry, supposedly quiet and uncomplicated and Zing with a reported challenging character not to be considered by the faint hearted. Zing has truly lived up to expectations with a confidence that almost suggests defiance!
However, he has proved to be the most loving and endearing character already. He has displayed moments of true mischief with regard to toys: it seems they are not to be shared and almost worth valiantly fighting for....with this in mind the offending objects have been temporarily removed!

Stunning looking Zing
However, Zing's creative mind has overcome such depravity by simply adopting the odd jandal or sandal....or even cushion....All of these treasures have on occasions been skerited away to his bed to be guarded with utmost seriousness! Not only can he be described as highly intelligent but also embarrassingly nosey....nothing misses his keen eye and he can often be found looking out of windows for ages watching intently as the world goes about it's business....he has also been witnessed looking at pictures and in mirrors and seems quite perplexed by the lack of depth from the view through the glass on the wood burner door! With an appetite that astounds, his ability to devour dinner in nanoseconds is hardly surprising and just this evening, he fathomed a great way to get his head in the covered BBQ from beneath - just to make sure there were no bits of food that needed sweeping up! Being 2 yrs older than Gerry he often seems wisely elated as he watches his mate make the odd repeated stuff up from his favourite spot beside the couch....he clearly thinks he has the entire house sussed and has an IQ that far exceeds all of us...funny that he still trembles at the mere thought of ascending the stairs?...we love him already!

Cute Gerry
Gerry (above) arrived very sheepishly and had us all convinced he was the delicate silent type...He was initially quite worried by little things such as the tiles that needed negotiating to get out the back door! A few skidding incidents in this area with catapulting water bowls did little to suppress his early fears....the washing line also seemed rather freaky and was infact scary enough to avert any toilet stops in the back garden for at least 3 days....his ability to store massive amounts of poo until morning and evening walks was truly remarkable! He immediately informed the entire household that 'BED' was his life and quickly established total control over all bean bags, duvets and other soft areas! He even managed to curl his lithe frame onto the smallest of cushions...seemingly proud of his gymnastic ability to turn himself into a squashed and no doubt uncomfortable ball! Despite be a pensive starter, he has now really developed a sense of humour and has already shown immense playfulness in an almost 'puppy like' fashion. He, it seems, could actually be substantially braver than Zing and despite his initial terror seems far keener to explore the waves in the ocean and negotiate stairs up from the sandy beach than his supposedly older and wiser counterpart! He has already been caught on the queen sized guest bed and had us all doubled over when his response to being discovered was to simply freeze mid 'duvet ruffle' in hope that no one would notice he was there....he adopted his statue like stance for an admirable period before succumbing to demands and sulkily plodding out of the room! He does still seem a bit confused about his name and happily complies to all instructions even if they are directed at Zing....he may not be top dog with the toys, eat his dinner with lightening speed or watch TV ,but Gerry is undoubtedly King of the duvet!

In conclusion, both dogs are a complete contrast to each other and already have us totally enamoured ...They can also clear a room in seconds with wind that neither seem prepared to own up to! We look forward to seeing how they blossom further in the coming months! :)

Raz (Lisa Shiraz) and Blu (Victor Mako)

Blu giving Vika a hug :)
Vika from Wellington and her brother each own a retired racer - Vika's boy is Blu (Victor Mako) and her brother's doggie is Raz (Lisa Shiraz).
Vika just sent me these cutest pictures  -enjoy! :)

Boys enjoying the morning sun

Cute Raz

Blu half asleep :)

Update from Blitzen (Ngapara)

Monday, February 21, 2011
Blitzen with his ducky :)
I just got an email and some photos from Blitzen  (Ngapara) who joined his new family in Christchurch a few weeks ago:

Hi my new name is Blitzen but you might remember me as Mate, I’ve been at my new home for a few weeks and I’m settling in great!
I’ve got a comfy bed (which I love to sleep on - a lot) and lots of love from my new family Mum, Dad, and my best mate Tom.

I live in the Burnham Military Camp and have made lots of friends, we meet on the field in front of my house for a run about, or we enjoy a walk around the golf club together. I love digging in the dirt, running in circles, getting cuddles, sleeping, playing with my duckie and helping Tom eat his food (Mum’s trying to stop this but hey he offers it). I’m settling in really well and am loving my new life.

Tangimoana beach run tonight!

Friday, February 18, 2011
Snapper (with green muzzle) and Crank had a blast
racing up and down the beach
It was a lovely summer evening tonight, so Sue, Ellie and myself took the dogs to Tangimoana beach. We had a great time! The team:
My foster greyhound Snapper (Hagler),
Kenzo/Crank (Awesome Voyage) whom we have picked up from GAP kennels on the way :),
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and her brother Frankie,
and my gorgeous Louie (Charlston State).
Lucy could not come as it would not be good for her gracillis at this stage -but she will come next time as she is way better :)

We had a fantastic time! We let everybody off lead, and greyhounds were galloping wildly accross the sand :)
Kenzo and Crank played like puppies, despite both of them being 4 years old :) They were both literally throwing themselves into the waves chasing Frankie! (who it seems loved every second of it !).
Here are some of the pictures Sue and me took:

3 black greyhounds: Louie, Snapper and Crank
Crank, Snapper, Frankie

Ellie with Beryl, Snapper and Crank

Gorgeous boys: Crank and Louie (in the background)

Crank and Snapper both love water :)
Snapper and Crank chasing Frankie :)

Check out Snapper on the right: Hold on Frankie, I will save you!

Hmm...maybe not!

I've got you!

Ellie with Snapper and Crank

Crank and Snapper played like puppies :)
And got completely soaked!

Look at Crank's smile :)

Crank and Snapper :)
And Sue made a gorgeous video of Snapper and Crank playing - have a look and do make sure you have the volume up :)

Update on Rascal (Dream A Win)

We just got an update on cute Rascal (Dream A Win), who now lives in Wellington. His new parents Marian and Ray wrote:

Rascal likes being close to me, literally! We have been painting the dining room and Rascal has to be right there. He has even had a colour change all down one side!! :)

Rascal helping with painting!
He enjoyed our visit to the Island Bay Festival and had a good sniff at all the other dogs. We are off to Petone Festival on Saturday. Rascal loves the childen, visitors and lots od cuddles.

Rascal getting pats at the Island Bay Festival last weekend

This and that ...:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011
This post is a bit of a mixture as I wanted to post about a few things today  :)

First , our gorgeous foster greyhound Snapper (Hagler). OMG he is just the cutest! He is a small black guy  -so affectionate and so cuddly! He has been with us for less than a week - and he has already settled in :) He is lovely, sleeps through the night, is great with all other dogs, sensitive and responsive doggie :)

I know I am cute :)
Snapper was given to GAP by  Taranaki greyhound trainer Don Kettlewell. I bet all of you are wondering: why would anyone name a dog 'Snapper'? Well, in case of our gorgeous foster boy -he 'snaps' at you in delight -he snaps his teeth while smiling and wagging his tail :)
He is so affectionate and loving that he snaps his teeth in delight, while wagging his tail furiously! It usually happens when he is trying to lick your face -it is hilarious, seeing all those teeth snapping, and lips trembling , and tail wagging :)
BTW -for those of you who dont know : greyhounds often snap their teeth in delight, and 'smile' with all their teeth on display! My Louie does it sometimes too -and i love it :)  It is very cute!
 Snapper is a gorgeous doggie :) He has fitted in great in our pack -here he is with Louie:

Louie (forefront) and Snapper
And Snapper is also great with our cat Mitzi :) She does scare him a bit, but I am sure, given time, they would become friends.

Just look at that little face :)

Also, today is Mouse's and Riley's Dad's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAEME!!! -from all of us at GAP! :)
We dont have the birthday picture of  Graeme himself, but his hounds Mouse (Sugar Mouse) and Riley (Utar Big Rig) sent us a picture of them celebrating their Dad's birthday:

Happy Birthday Dad!

And last but not the least - the funniest picture and a blog post from Beryl's Mum Sue.

Beryl: WHAT the hell is that?!
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and her brother Frankie found a seal on Tangimoana beach!!!
See more pics and read all about it on Sue's blog: