Update from Solo !

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gorgeous little Solo was our foster doggie, before he went to live in Coromandel, with Maureen and John. We just got an update from him (seems he is having a fantastic time with his new family :):

Well, it's been just over a month now since I found my forever home with Maureen and John, and I have to say I'm very happy. I think I've got my new people just where I want them - and they were surprisingly easy to train. Life is pretty breezy up here on the Northern Coromandel. I have a nice house and a large garden, and the sea's not far away.
I'm enjoying my two meals a day, and I think I've put on a little bit of weight (and muscle) which my folks seem to be pleased about. Dad takes me for a walk in the mornings, when I love sniffing the hedgerows, and Mum walks me to the beach in the evenings, where I love to paddle in the shallows and sniff round all the trees and things on the foreshore..

I have three main beds: my favourite is nearest to my people's bed, which is where I sleep at night. Then my number two bed is positioned where I can keep an eye on things in the kitchen. I like to know what's going on at all times, and I'll shift beds accordingly to keep up with things. (Mum calls it being nosy, but we'll ignore that). My number three bed is actually a big settee outside on the deck, which is where I like to lounge with my breakfast chicken frame, or my bones and chews. There's also a nice view across the garden to the sea. I'm allowed on the human bed during the daytime, and sometimes first thing in the morning, when I wake up before they do but they don't want to get up. Then I'm allowed to snuggle down between them on my back, which I love!

Dad and me :)
It took me quite a while to master the steps up to the house without panicking or rushing. Mum used to help me up them at first, lifting each foot in turn. And then I used to rush going down them - even though Mum tried to help me - which meant I skinned my back legs quite a few times. I'm much better at it now. I go up the steps no trouble at all, and I've learnt to go down at a much slower pace, which means I don't hurt myself any more.

Although the downstairs house is all open plan, I also learned very quickly not to step into the kitchen area - and to stay out of the bathroom if the door is open. I've no idea why, but it seems to please them when I do as they ask, so I go along with it.
I don't like the rain! A light drizzle is acceptable but anything else and I flatly refuse to leave the house. Well, wouldn't you?
I'm looking forward to going to my first GAP run soon, and my folks seem to be looking forward to it, too.
Oh, and I have my own Blog - please come and have a look (and update your bookmarks!!!). Here is the link:
Here are some photos that Mum's taken of me. Aren't I just too gorgeous???

Update from Janie (Janie Phoenix)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Janie (Janie Phoenix) now lives in Auckland with Leslie and Peter. We just got an update from her:

I am very lucky, I live in a nice house with Leslie and Peter and Sam The Cat! Sam is the boss, but that is OK, he was here first. :)
We get on well together sharing the mat on the back deck. We get treats together at breakfast and dinner.
Because Leslie and Peter are not working they take me walking every day, usually shopping and then a coffee bar. So I lie down on my blanket { because the footpath is too hard} while they drink coffee, and all the people come and ask what sort of dog am I and could they pat me because I am so beautiful- what a life!!

Sam and me
Yes, I know I am beautiful ...:)

Update from foster care : Eve (Catch A Pennie)

Gorgeous brindle girl Eve (Catch A Pennie) is in foster care with Jaimee in Wellington. 
Jaimee just sent us some pictures and an update:
Eve is a lovely (and pretty) wee girl who is just full of love! She adores cuddles and snuggling and loves to laze the day away. She is quite playful and always up for a game of fetch - then she retreats back to her bed where she plays with her toys.  
Eve enjoys getting out and about, a walk or ride in the car is always a good time.  She is settling in to pet life extremely well and is well on the way to going to her forever home! 
Eve and her favorite toy :)
Eve really enjoys when her friend Sparky (golden retriever next door)
joins ther for play in the back yard. :)

And she also loves walkies with Sparky:

Eve is also very polite when it comes to meal times and/or recieving treats - just look at these manners: :)

Pictures of the day : Louie and his trainer

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
My gorgeous Louie (Charlston State) and his trainer Denis Schofield 
Yesterday, Louie's trainer Denis Schofield was dropping off a few more of his retired greyhounds to the GAP kennels in Sanson - so Louie and me went over there to catch up! :)
GAP Kennel manager Sonja took a few pictures - aren't they cute? :) (you can click on pictures to see full size)
Hello! :)

Update from foster care : Richie (Thrilling Tear)


Precious Richie is in foster care with Jacquie and her family, including their two greyhounds Jolie and Kourtney.
We just got an update from Jacquie:
Richie is the most laid back, sweet foster dog we’ve had so far! He’s very independent, and copes very well with being alone – he just sleeps on his bed until there’s someone around again. I don’t think there’s an anxious bone in his big body. He gets excited about going for a ride in the car, races up to greet visitors, and prances like a puppy when the dog food comes out! Our cats just saunter past him, so no worries there. In short, he’s undemanding and delightful.

 Richie has been waiting for his new home since before Christmas ... :( He was a pet before -he lived in Auckland , after being homed by GAP as a young dog, in 2008. But, his family decided to move overseas -and they decided not to take Richie along (personally, this appalls me - for me, there is no excuse for abandoning your family members when moving house/city/region/country; but the reality is that humans do it all the time ).
At least, GAP was able to get Richie back and hopefully make sure he has another home to go to).
However, another home is not easy to find for Richie...:( Us humans seem to be, as I often say, the most heartless species on the planet. :( We tend to look at the 8year old dog and decide, no, we want to go for a younger one. This is so sad.... and also so unrealistic, because we are all going that way, we will all get old.
My Louie is coming up to 9 years old and he is the most amazing, the most precious dog that I have even seen. If , by any chance, he happened to be up for adoption now, at 9yrs old, I would have been privileged to adopt him.
So here is hoping that gorgeous Richie will find his perfect forever home soon! In the meantime, thank you SO MUCH Jacquie and family for taking such great care of him.

Update from foster care : Holly (Thrilling Holly)

Monday, February 20, 2012
Michaela and Cameron with Holly
Gorgeous Holly (Thrilling Holly) is currently in foster care in Lower Hutt, with Stephanie and her family, who just sent us an update:
Holly is an absolute delight and has settled into family life really well.  She enjoys the kids - both their pats and cuddles or just lying in the middle of the lawn whilst they play around her and she watches.  :)
She is adjusting to some of the more unusual noises of urban life, including commuter trains.  She has an very fun playful side to her, particularly with other dogs (big and small) and is always keen to have a bit of puppy-like play.  We heard her bark for the first time the other morning when we put her out at about 6am and it was a little chilly – she let us know with a single bark at the door !  She only talks when she truly has something to say. :)
 She is happy to chill out on her own, but loves it when people are about too...
Cameron getting Holly’s lead on ready for a walk

Congratulations to Amber (Avec Lamour) and Ashley!

Sunday, February 19, 2012
Ashley and Amber after their win on Friday (click on the picture to see full size;
I cracked up when I saw  Amber's pink diamante collar ! :)
Last Friday Amber (Avec Lamour) and Ashley had their first win at Addington Racecourse -congratulations girls!! :)
Ashley bred, raised and trained Amber and her four siblings, who are now just starting their racing careers. Their Mum is Berlin (Twirly Berly), Ashley's own retired greyhound (and well-known glamour girl :)

I wrote about Ashley's puppies before, in the post here .

Gorgeous Amber :)
I just got some pictures from the Friday race itself, and the podium:

Amber winning and looking  so happy and so awesome!
Podium :)
As I was drafting this post, I thought it was a great time to steal some of Amber's pictures off Ashley's Facebook page, including the ones of her as a puppy. Here they are:

Puppy Amber :)

Amber at 9 months old
With her sister Sophie :)
Running with her littermates
With Ashley

Update from foster care: gorgeous little Georgia

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Georgia, a 1 year old puppy, is in foster care with Chloe in Upper Hutt, who just sent us pictures of the pretty red fawn girl.
Chloe wrote:
Georgia is a real treasure!She's really placid and just loves to lay around in the sun all day getting her tan on. :)
She's down for the odd game of fetch now and then but ultimately is just happy to enjoy your company. She's a fast learner and has settled into family life with amazing ease...Beautiful little girl, who is so ready for her forever home :)

Update from Oscar (Olympic Ace)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kelly and Kieran from Auckland just sent us a update on their gorgeous boy Oscar (Olympic Ace), who recently joined them.  I was so happy to hear from them -we fostered Oscar (nee Ace) over Christmas and he was one of our favorite ever foster doggies :)
Kelly and Kieran wrote:

Oscar  is settling in really well and we already love him to bits. He loves going for walks and rides in the car, but most of all he loves being asleep! He is still learning to love our two cats but gives them a wide berth at the moment.
He's great with other dogs :) Oscar will also eat anything if you leave it lying around so after a nice slice of cheesecake got demolished we have learned to put things away :-)
He's even been to his first greyhound event at EcoFest in New Lynn and was so happy to see the other hounds there. He was very sweet and patient and got lots of pats from everyone.
He really is the sweetest dog and we are having a great time with him. We feel very lucky to have him as part of the family.

Update from Sparkie (Octane Spark)


Just in from Falyn and Peter:

After adopting Sam (Thrilling Mix) in May 2011, we decided that some company for him would be in order. Not in a position to permanently adopt a second dog, we gave foster caring a go. After one foster hound Lucky, along came Sparkie (Octane Spark) and we just knew he wouldn't be leaving anytime soon! Yes, we are another casualty of the GAP foster scheme – I think they saw me coming a mile away! Sparkie arrived just before Christmas, and became a permanent member of the family in mid January.
Sparkie has settled in very quickly, and seemed completely comfortable with his change in surrounds after just one day. Getting his diet sorted has meant a bit of trial and error as he doesn't seem to tolerate Nutrience kibble, but we are slowly working on it and he has started to gain a bit of much needed weight.

He had a fairly successful racing career, much better than Sam, yet he is a much calmer dog and really does love to be horizontal for most of the day. Maybe he feels he has really earned his retirement and is going to do his level best to enjoy it! His most endearing habit is his love of cockroaching, although what makes it so cute is the loud grunts that accompany it as he gets himself into just. the. right. position. Ahhhh… there it is!

Sparkie and Sam get on really well and often snuggle up together in the back of the car (although truth be told, this is probably just Sam’s way of taking up the maximum amount of space possible). We are constantly asked if they are brothers because of their similar markings, but I must admit it’s quite nice to have a matching pair! Initially it was quite confusing telling the two apart when they were on their own – it was much easier when they’re together – but we’ve (mostly) got the hang of it now.

He loves to meet other dogs, and we took him to a GAP event in Waikanae recently where he made friends with Billy (Dynamic Keroma) – they decided to have a little lie down together.

We also discovered that, despite the one year age difference, Sam and Sparkie's birthdays are only two days apart – similar colours, similar birthdays – we couldn’t have asked for a better match! Thanks again GAP!

Update from Cortez (Hailey's Agent)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We just got an update from Sarah, Steve and Emily from Wellington, who have recently adopted gorgeous Cortez (Hailey's Agent).
They wrote:

Cortez is doing great!  He seems to really love living with us, if the welcome home after we have been out without him is anything to go by! 
 Our cat, Lucy, is slowly getting used to him.  He really wants to play with her and is all sparkle around her until she hisses at him and then he turns away and will not look at her.  Seems the cat is the boss again she just has not realised that yet. :)
Eating his first chicken frame
 We took him to the Waikanae Show and Sports Day the other weekend, it was great to meet other Greyhound owners and to show Cortez off.  We also took him to the GAP run at Robyn’s place last weekend.  It was great to meet other dogs and their owners and to see these dogs run!!

At the Waikanae Show and Sports Day
 We are really loving having Cortez with us, our family is complete once more!

Emily and her new bestie