A very special post: Meet the CanTeen greyhounds!

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Ashley Bradshaw (who works for Caterbury greyhound trainer Gary Cleeve) sent me pictures and writeup on two very special racing greyhounds - two black girls who race for CanTeen New Zealand, an organisation supporting young people living with cancer.

Amy (Ice Ice Amy) and Jackie (Jackpot Jackie) are young greyhound girls, who have started racing this year and already had a number of wins. We will be cheering for these two gorgeous dogs and hope they will have long and very successful racing careers :-)

Check out their pictures:

Ice Ice Amy

Jackpot Jackie
Ice Ice Amy (wearing a CanTeen bandanna) with Ashley
Jackie resting on her friend Katie (Chile Tart)

Cutest pictures from two Waikanae greyhounds :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010
Sally's Mum Margaret just sent me these pictures -thanks a million Margaret!
They were taken in Waikanae Park where Sally (Beach Street) and Bryn (Bolts Bolted) sometimes meet for a date :-)
Sally (Beach Street), and Bryn (Bolts Bolted)
with Bryn's Mum Sheila and his Corgi sister Jess

Spike (Dingle Mouse) in his new home :-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Just received these pictures of cute Spike (Dingle Mouse) and his new family in Wellington :-)
Spike with friends :-)
Checking out what is happening outside !

Update from Bash (Supreme Bash)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
I have just received an update and pictures from Karen, who has recently adopted Bash (Supreme Bash). Bash is a gorgeous tall blue greyhound with wonderful personality, an amazing dog who had a great racing career. I have had the fortune of meeting him in Sanson kennels -he is a real honey!

Karen wrote:

Bash is living up to his name with his lethal tail -he wags his tail all the time, especially when he sees the lead! He has an indoor bed and an outdoor bed in a very flash kennel that he chooses not to use - he would rather pull his sleeping bag out and lie on it in the sun :-). He has settled in well with no indoor toileting accidents. And he loves cuddles!!! Thomas (my son) and Bash are good companions and play together outside. Bash cries with excitement when he sees us come home in the evening!

Thomas and Bash :-)
This past weekend we let him have a run with my parents dog and they got on well ; Bash came back to me when I called him and I was so proud (and relieved)! He runs for the ball and will bring it back once and if you throw it again your out of luck (he's not silly!). Adopting Bash was a great decision and he is a well loved member of our family!

Greyhound Racing For Dummies!

Monday, October 25, 2010
Particia Jack is the owner of two retired racing greyhounds (Bert and Bella), and now, she is also a Kennel Steward at the Addington Raceway in Christchurch! It is great to see owners of retired greyhounds  getting involved and working with racing dogs too :-)
Patricia has a blog, Bert And Bella, where she has just started blogging about greyhounds' racing life (or as she calls it, Greyhound Racing For Dummies)

Patricia feels a healthy understanding of the track and racing life means more appreciation for the dog that you have on your couch - and I could not agree more!
Have a look at her blog  when you have a minute -it is a great reading!

Update from Luna (Moon Dancer)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Check out my ears, and my toys!
I just got an email from Tricia and Vince, who adopted Luna (Moon Dancer)  about 2 weeks ago.
Luna (then called Shannon ) was one of our foster dogs -we LOVED having the little blue girl around, she was such fun, so cute, so eager to learn and so well-behaved ! It is so great to see she has found a perfect loving home :-)
(Thanks a million for writeup and gorgeous pictures Tricia!)

Tricia wrote:
Luna is settling in really well, she is so well behaved, and I think she is definitely bonding with me. She is great on the lead, and I am also so impressed with her recall.
She she absolutely loves her soft toys! We also gave her a squeaky chicken, she throws it in the air and catches it, it is sooo funny! We have taken her out for walks and she is excellent on the lead. What impressed me the most was how she waits for her food so patiently. She just lies down and watches you prepare it and comes to her bowl very calmly.

She sleeps in these very crazy positions! It is very funny to watch too :-)
We have decided to rename her Luna which means moon in Italian (because her racing name was Moon Dancer) and because she is a bit loooooney! :-)

Luna and her Dad Vince having a nap :-)
I brought her to Robyn’s place where she loved running in the paddock with her three gorgeous greyhounds. I think it is easy for her to make friends :-)
I called her on three occasions and she came running to me... even with all her new friends greyhounds around! So fantastic!
I have attached a couple of pictures of Luna for you to have a look at... she is not sure about having her photo taken.... or she thinks I am crazy doing it! You will notice her ears do many different things in the photos! :-)

Mouse (Sugar Mouse) with her Dad Graeme

Monday, October 18, 2010
Mouse's Dad Graeme sent me a video of Mouse (Sugar Mouse) and himself having a run at one of West Auckland beaches :-)
Enjoy! (you can hear the waves in the background too!)


Picture of the day: Berlin (Twirly Berly) with her toys!

Sunday, October 17, 2010
Hilarious! (Thank you Ashley for sharing!)

Well i do like toys...:-)

We have a raffle winner - congratulations to Sugar Mouse!

After Sunday lunch, we decided to close the raffle and draw the winning number using Random Number Generator..
On the screenshot below, on the right hand side you can  see that the winner is number 175 - a ticket bought by Mouse (Sugar Mouse) from Auckland :)

The raffle prize is a gorgeous AroundAHound (http://www.aroundahound.co.nz/ ) martingale collar, made by Arrow's Mum Helen :-)

Congratulations Mouse, and make sure you send us a photo of yourself wearing your new collar!

From all the hounds in Sanson and Amberley waiting for their forever homes - A big THANK YOU to all who bought the raffle tickets!! We sold 130 tickets, and all the funds will go to GAP Steadfast Friends programme.

Boof (Utar Big Rig) - cute boy up for adoption

Friday, October 15, 2010
Boof (Utar Big Rig) is the cutest big baby! He is only 2 years old and was given to GAP because he was too slow and uncompetitive :-)
He is very innocent, and still unsure as what is going on, but he is eager to learn and looks for guidance(especially if food is involved!). If he goes missing in the kennels, Irene is sure to find him hanging out in the kennel kitchen! :-)

He is very food oriented and would be easy to train and teach all sorts of stuff. Although a baby, he is a tall, lanky greyhound, and once he gains a few kilos, he will be quite a stunning looking tall dog. I love his white and brindle coloring too.

Oh and he is VERY photogenic!
Check out the pics below, taken by Sonja:

Check out my ear tatoo! :-)

And, Sue has taken a video of Boof playing with Irene and myself at the GAP kennels -check it out:

A few weeks ago, I  also visited Boof's racing kennels and met his trainers, Maxine and Mike Lozell, as well as ALL their greyhounds! They are a lovely couple, who love all their racing dogs and who own very impressive looking  greyhound kennels. I knew Boof was coming to GAP shortly after, so I also took a few pictures of him in his racing kennels, with Maxine:
Boof with his trainer Maxine Lozell (a few weeks ago)
Boof in his racing kennel :-)

Pictures of the day: our foster girl Cilla and her friend Frankie

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Cilla, our gorgeous black brindle foster girl, loves other dogs, and is currently waiting for her ideal home: a home with another dog for company.

 She loves Louie and Lucy, and Beryl, however she is absolutely 'obsessed' with Frankie! She thinks Frankie is the coolest thing she has EVER seen, and can follow him for ages. The latest thing is fetching sticks out of the river - she LOVES chasing Frankie (who chases the stick) and 'helping' him retrieve it.

Sue, Frankie's and Beryl's Mum, took some photos yesterday - and I have promptly stolen them!

Everybody at the park later :-)

Gorgeous Wheaten (Scandinavian)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Today Sue, Sonja, Irene and myself spent some time playing with some of the Sanson greyhounds who are up for adoption at the moment. Sue and me took some pictures of gorgeous Wheaten (Scandinavian) who has recently arrived to GAP kennels and is up for adoption.
Wheaten is a beautiful 6 year old red fawn girl who has had a very successful racing career. Now, she is looking for forever love :-)

You can see Wheaten's impressive racing info here:

Wheaten is an extremely affectionate dog who LOVES people; she is great with dogs of all breeds but her major focus are humans. She could have cuddles for hours!
Wheaten with a toy :-)

Wheaten and Irene in GAP kennels today :-)

Wheaten and Irene again

And Sue, Beryl's Mum, took a video of Wheaten , you can see it below: (Thanks a million Sue!)

Pictures of the day :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010
I was organizing all blog my pictures and  found a few that I wanted to share. Thank you all who sent them !

George (Kiwi George) from Palmerston North
Ellie and Shawn (New Thing Now). YES, this is clever Shawn who qualified for racing yesterday :)
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe): Confetti anyone..?
Lucy The Ferret and Rachel doing the figure 8 weave
at Rally O competition last week in Wanganui
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and her Mum Sue 
at Rally O competition last week in Wanganui
Thomas (Smart Thomas) with his family :-)
Two Schofield GAP greyhounds , Louie (Charlston State)
and Beryl (Winsome Deluxe): Hello Pam and Denis!
Cute Luke (Lauretana Boy) who just went to his new home in Auckland
Ele (Sister Saintly) from Tauranga
Jodi (Kirsten Deal) babysitting a pet lamb :-)
Hobbes (Real Classic) at a GAP walk
Aucklanders Sonny (Fratianno) and his poodle sister Lucy :-)

Tux (Not Suited) with his new friends in Auckland :-)

Whiskey (Chivas Regal) at the Animates Pet Day in Auckland
And last but not the least: Amazing "Swift Fantasy" with her trainers Steve Clark and Kathy Wilson at a recent 'Top Dog' Challenge in Auckland:


Belinda's gorgeous foster girl Sash

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Belinda's just sent me cutest picturers of her foster girl Sash. Sash has settled in great in her foster home which she shares with two cute kids and a cat :-)
She is a stunning looking tall brindle girl, with waggy tail, who loves having fun with Belinda's kids! She is very affectionate and could have cuddles for hours :-)

 Sash relaxing :-)

Stretching Sash!