Update from Wally (Boatswain Wally)

Monday, May 28, 2012
Just over a month ago, handsome Wally (Boatswain Wally) went to live with Alice in Wellington.
Alice sent us this update:
Wally has settled into home life amazingly well and is such a georgeous boy and a big cuddle monster. We did have a few inital hiccups such as the stairs in the house which were absolutely terrifying and after a few weeks (and some gentle coaxing) he now takes the stairs like a champ and it's as if he always knew how to use them! He was also pretty scared of his nice new bed but after some time and tips from Robyn, now loves nothing better but to curl up on it in the sunshine and snooze.
He's adjusted to Wellington life really well and hops around like a little puppy when he's about to go out on his walks and absolutely loves his weekend walks with the other Wellington greyhounds as well as the GAP organised runs. He's such a gentle, big hearted boy that will go up to anyone and say hello and hope for some cuddles in return. Many people in the neighbourhood have commented on what a handsome boy he is. We've enrolled into dog school (possibly more for me than for him!) where we're working on getting better at recalls and lying down on command but he already has  bowing on command sorted and he's very proud of it too! :)

Look out for our wee interview in the next issue of Fast Friends!

Cute doggies up for adoption : Curly, Vulcan, Ellie and Trip :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012
Karen (one of our volunteers) took pictures of new doggies up for adoption (thanks a million Karen!):

Curly (Karla Lewinsky) is the cutest blue playful girl. She loves children and is very dog social, as well as suitable for homes with cats:
Hello :)

Cute Curly :)
Trip (Triplem Hand) is a happy handsome boy:
Smiley Trip :)
Vulcan (Sunset Spock) is a blue brindle handsome and playful doggie. He is also a littermate of GAP greyhounds Shiloh (New Thing Now), Stevie (No Spoken Word) and Sasha (unraced):

And finally, Ellie ( Stabile Eyes) is another cute blue girl:

Pictures of the day: Grace (Go Jenny Go)

Friday, May 25, 2012
Gorgeous Grace (Go Jenny Go) passed away a few days ago, at the age of 14. She was a great racer, then a breeding doggie, and later her trainer's pet (Grace never made it to GAP -she opted to stay with her trainers Gary and Gaylene,  and keep an eye out on the racing dogs in their kennels :)
She was an amazing racing dog, apparently a joy to watch on the track, and she was also an awesome Mum too :)
Here she is on her favourite couch - God Speed beautiful Grace xxxx

Ashley sent me a few more pictures of Gracie (thanks a million Ashley):

Update from foster care: Harry (Jag's Flyer)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gorgeous Harry (Jag's Flyer) is in foster care in Palmerston North. Cheryl, his foster Mum, just sent us these pictures and an update:

Harry loves human company, and loves to lie down and watch people doing things. He is overall a very placid dog, and is highly trainable. His favourite food is banana. :)

He has a full size dog bed but during the day he loves moving around pillows to make different bed orientations, as you can see in the pictures! :)
 Harry collects his soft toys(and shoes) together and loves showing off his rhino to everyone. :) He's fallen in love with a set of squeaky toys we got him with extra loud squeakers. Wherever Harry is you're sure to find his squeaky platypus!


Adopt a kangaroo!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Suzi with her friends :)
Gorgeous little Suzi (Natasha's Duffer) recently arrived to GAP and is up for adoption :) We were all laughing when we saw this picture above -she looks so much like a kangaroo! :)

Suzi is very gentle, cute little fawn girl who loves kids and playing with them. Her trainer took these pictures of her (thanks a million Deb!):


Meet handsome Rocky (Punk Rock Star)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gorgeous Rocky (Punk Rock Star) arrived to GAP recently and is just The Cutest! We are talking BIG, TALL doggie here -Rocky raced at over 39kg! He is as tall as a Great Dane - I think he looks amazing!
Rocky hitched a ride with me down to Sanson last week -he LOVES the car! He slept all the way :)
And wait for this -Rocky knows how to sit on command -so gorgeous:

Greyhounds in motion -beautiful video

Sunday, May 20, 2012
A friend just fowarded this video to me , and I have to share it! It is beautifully shot in high definition, using a super-slow-motion camera.
I love the grins on greyhounds' faces are they are flying down the track - it is just a gorgeous sight :)

It is only over a minute long -do have a look:

A few cute photos from little Star (Know Wonder)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Star (Know Wonder) is currently in foster care in Christchurch. Her foster parents have just sent us a few pictures and wrote:
Star has has settled into our house very easily :). She is very pretty, petite and playful and gets on really well with our hound Ben. Her coat is super soft and jet black with a white chest and four white paws. She has amazing perky ears which shoot up whenever she finds something interesting.  
Star is a very ladylike eater - never rushing a meal or making a mess! :)

Star is also ultra laid back greyhound and even the aftershocks yesterday didn't worry her at all! 
She loves the children and will rest her head on their knees hoping for a cuddle.  :)

Smiling :)

In the snow flurry this morning :)
Ashley Bradshaw, a very successful young Canterbury greyhound trainer, used to work with Star and her littermates while at  Gary Cleeve kennels. She sent me some BEAUTIFUL pictures of Star as  a puppy! :) Check them out:
Star, the only black puppy in the litter. The fawn puppy on the far left is
 Sky (Know Option), retired and rehomed by GAP last year :)
Cute Star :)
Star with her Mum 'Casual Wave'
Little Star :)
With her littermates, as a young doggie :)

Meet Tommy (Go To Crow)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I meet cute Tommy (Go To Crow) a couple of days ago in GAP Sanson kennels and took a few pictures for the blog.
As soon as he was let out of his kennel -Tommy was VERY excited! He ran to the carpark, towards the GAP van and my big car at full speed, jumping up in the air - this obsession with vans and big cars is quite common in racing greyhounds. When they see a car that size, they think that they might be going to the races -and many of them try anything to get themselves INTO the promissing-looking car :)
Here is Tommy approximately one millisecond after he spotted the GAP van:

That van is looking very promissing -wohoo!!! Off to the races we go!
Awesome! There is Angel (Lyndour Gem) already in, now if I could just get myself inside too...
Ok, the van pens were not opened. BUT I found the next best thing: Fatima's huge car!
The back was open so here we go!
I am READY! Lets go!
Come on?! Oh God. Everybody seems to be sitting down and drinking coffee?!
Let me check on Angel...Good, she is still there...
Ok, now, this is getting ridiculous...
Oh well...this bed is comfy....I guess I will have a bit of a sleep while I am waiting...:)
Tommy and myself are off on the roadtrip to Wellington today: he is going to be fostered by Mila (Bronze For Macos) and her parents. Watch this space for updates from the cute boy :)