Auckland Santa Parade - 29th November 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

(Above: Boxer (Allegro Comet) and fairies! :-)

Beautiful Auckland hounds took part in Santa Parade in Auckland yesterday. Didn't they look just fantastic??? :-) Love their cute red vests and huge grins :-) All the hounds looked so happy. Enjoy the gorgeous photos! (you can click on them for large size)

Below: Jo with Boxer (Allegro Comet), Atlanta with Hero (Thrilling Jim) and Lisa with Buddy (Our Smart Buddy) and DB (Dancing Banshee)

Below: Mojca and Uros with Oscar (Kalden Kaos)

Below: Alistair with Lennox (Roman Leader)

Below: Lucy (Nancy's Wish) and her humans :-)

Below: Green Fairy Dr Cass Byrnes with Summer (Aranui Diamond) -LOVE THE OUTFIT!

Below: Michelle with Barney (Cool Customer), Helen with Cruzer (Charlston Kid) and Debs with Hoss (Homebush Wayne)

and Michelle and Barney:

Below: Elizabeth Sharp and Paulie :-)

The Sharps:

Mickey, Naomi and John

Saturday, November 28, 2009

(you can click on pictures for full size)
Mickey ( racing name: Mouse Zedong) is the 316th GAP greyhound to find a forever home after racing. Mickey went to his new home in Dunedin at the end of March 2009, exactly 3 years after GAP's launch.
I have just heard from his parents Naomi and John, and they sent two cutest pictures too (check out his polarfleece coat :-))):
Mickey is a lovely dog, very affectionate and enthusiastic, we just adore him. He likes to race around the garden. In the evenings, he curls up on the settee with us :-)
We have to lock him out of the kitchen when we are not home though, otherwise he breaks into the cupboards and steals food!

Pictures of the day: Bobbie (Cupla Schillings)

Saturday, November 21, 2009
Pictures of Bobbie (Cupla Schillings) in his racing kit, and Bobbie today :-) Bobbie's Mum Sally sent me these cute pictures - thanks Sally!
(I LOVE Bobbie's monogrammed scarf!!! :-)

Picture of the day: Tonto with a bucket on his head :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Louie's litter bother Tonto (My Charlston) who is currently wearing a bucket on his head as he has stitches on his foreleg. He is healing up nicely -thus the big smile! :-)
His Dad sent the photo -thanks Duncan!

Victorian painting by Millais :-)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I came across this print while researching Victorian Art , and laughed out loud!!! This was painted in nineteenth century, by John Millais (name of the artwork is "Isabella").
The greyhound seems to beg for food just like ours do today! (you can click on the picture for the fullsize, which will enable you to see the naughty expression on the greyhound's face!!!) :-)

GAP Rodney District Group Inaugural Get-Together , Sunday, 15th November 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lisa and Nick East (along with their hounds DB and Buddy) have kindly offered their house and paddocks in Kaukapakapa for a November get-together.

Lisa sent me a a blurb about the walk, and some pictures, below (Thanks Lisa!):
(you can click on the pictures for full size)
Despite the weather not looking too good in the morning, we had an excellent turnout - about 32 people and approximately 22 dogs I think at last count - but then its difficult to count them when they're running around!

The weather managed to hold out for us until we were halfway back to the house. It started drizzling at first, then got heavier until as the last of us stragglers got to the gate of our property, the heavens opened and there were wet dogs and wet people. Nothing that a good towelling off for the dogs, and a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and cake & biscuits, couldn't fix though!

Around 16 Gappers stayed on for the BBQ, with the last leaving us around 4:00pm. I don't know about everyone else, but I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to really have a good chat with everyone and not be having everyone rush off as soon as the walk is over. I feel like I've got to know some of you a bit better now and hopefully you got to know Nick and myself a bit better.

A few of you commented on how much you enjoyed the day, despite getting a good soaking! I can assure you that we'll be trying to organise a similar day when the weather gets warmer and summer is here & hopefully when the weather will be more reliable! I think the dogs certainly enjoyed zooming around the garden before we even got started on our walk. Perhaps that explains why when we eventually got to the farm paddock, that they really didn't seem all that keen on running around - but I guess it was a good walk to just get there!

I've got a few things going on in the background that I'm trying to work out. I am in touch with Animates Silverdale, as Leslie Mathews, the Store Manager, is keen to host GAP in their store. A big "thank-you" to Linda Nash for sussing this out for us and letting me know. Once I've worked out dates & details with Leslie, I will be asking for volunteers to help out on the day by bringing their well-behaved Greyhounds to meet & greet Animates customers.

I'm also in correspondence with Rodney District Council & their Animal Control/Bylaws Manager, to try and organise having a stall and/or display stand somewhere near to the Matakana Markets. As Matakana Markets don't allow dogs into the Market area, our only option is if we can get RDC to allow us to use the berm or pavement areas outside some of the shops etc. Again, once I have thing sorted out (she says confidently!!), I'll be asking for volunteers to help.

And a heads up to you all that GAP will be running a stall at the Helensville A&P Show, on Saturday 27th February 2010. We will be looking again for people to help man the stall and also to bring their dogs in to meet & greet the public and basically wander around the Show with their vests on etc. This will be a really good opportunity (especially for the Rodney District area) to get the word out about GAP Greyhounds.

That's all for now folks!

Lisa East

A run in Robyn's paddock, 8th November

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Wonderful weather, and great turnout. We did not count the hounds, but we had a true little 'herd' :-)

Below on the left: Smiler (Pango Will He) with his foster Mum :-)

Below: Louie (Charlston State) made a couple of friends :-)

Suzie, Danny and Nikki

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today's feature post: Nikki and her two hounds Suzie and Danny.
Nikki says:
Several years before GAP was started our local paper printed a photo of a greyhound on death row at the pound. I waited two whole days before I rang and went to meet her. Suzie came home with me that day :-) She had been dumped in the back of beyond and was very lucky to have been caught and not shot by the owner of the farm she was found on.

A year later I heard of another grey looking for a new home, this time a retired racer. So, Danny (Cecilia Tony) came to live with us too.

I had never met a greyhound before, had no real idea of their temperament, and didn’t know how they would be with my cats. I also breed beagles and basset hounds and didn’t know how they would cope with very young puppies.

I soon learnt that Suzie wasn’t great with cats but was fine with the puppies. She is not a barker, LOVES her bed, and is extremely lazy. She adapted to living in the house as if she was born to it and has always been clean inside.

Danny loves to chase cats as well so we have adapted our house to cats in the front half and dogs in the back half. It has worked well. Danny has 2 speeds – very fast and dead slow. He is not the brightest dog but he is such a sweetheart it really doesn’t matter. He is fantastic with puppies, they can chew on his ankles (the only thing they can reach) and he just lifts his legs up. It is very funny to watch when he has a puppy on each ankle!

Both dogs are a delight to live with and are actually very obedient. My mother-in-law left the gate open one day and Danny took the opportunity to run off and catch one of my free-range chickens. He took off down the driveway and I had no chance of catching him so just called him. He came straight back and I removed the chicken from his mouth. She was a bit soggy but totally unharmed :-)
I have no regrets about adopting them.

Below: Suzy and her little Beagle friend :-)

Below: Danny and his Beagle puppies :-)

GAP Auckland - North Shore Group, JF Kennedy Park Walk today

Sunday, November 8, 2009

GAP North Shore did a walk today, and Sharon sent me some pictures (Thanks Sharon!).
I see that some hounds from other parts of Auckland attended, which is great!

It is wonderful to see Sara Jane (Jomagamate) with her new parents Olive and Paul, and also Ellie with her new hound Jess :-)

Note Rosie and Pearl showing off their GAP vests at Milford Shopping Centre :)

(you can click on the photos for full size)

Beautiful black greyhound on Trademe

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gorgeous boy, reminds me of Louie :-)
He is in Waikato and is free to a good home.
Check out the ad here:

Picture of the day: Brodie and his cat Pepsi :-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
I am in Auckland at the moment and was looking at Facebook photos during lunch - i could not resist posting this cute picture of Brodie (Top Deal) and his cat Pepsi :-)
( photo stolen from Heather's Facebook page!) :-)