Our Summer 2013 martingale collar collection on sale now!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
We have been designing martingale collars for greyhounds for four years now and they have been a huge success.
This is our Summer 2013 collection  -  we have a dozens of new designs coming up, and have plans to release new collection every season.

Martingale collars and matching leads are made  in New Zealand by skilled craftspeople, and are superbly made and perfectly finished.
We have imported all the hardware -it is nickel plated, welded /cast hardware for martingale collars.
The canvas/jacquard ribbons and trims are imported from the USA too, and they wear perfectly -my Louie has had one of these collars for four years now, and it still looks like new! (this is his everyday collar).

We have imported the real stuff, specifically designed for martingales -we did not scrimp on the materials - after all our hounds deserve the best!

All collars are fully adjustable and triple stitched at stress points to prevent breaking and prolong durability.
We have 1.5inch wide collars and 1inch wide collars available. 1inch collars are perfect for smaller, more slender hounds. We also offer matching leashes for both.

Our online shop is only days away, in the meantime, you can look at the available collars and leads on our Facebook page:

Click here to see available martingale collars and leads available.

To order, just email us on nightravegreys@gmail.com or message us via our Facebook page above :)


Bella and her Polo career!

We just got the cutest pictures from Susan from Auckland, who owns lovely Bella (Punk Scooter).
Apparently, this summer Bella has been very busy with days spent socialising at Polo! As always she’s a great hit with the English players & grooms, who are mad about greyhounds & lurchers!!
Bella will be very disappointed when the season comes to an end after the Final tomorrow. Meanwhile at the semi final at Clevedon today, she had her photo taken with the star of this season’s final...the International Player, 8 High Goaler, Ignatius du Plessis. She is related (through Susan) to the team player James Worker from Team Veuve Clicquot & her photo was taken with him & some of his horses, who were unwinding after winning the match.
Thanks you so much Susan for these photos! Bella, as always, looks gorgeous! :)

Postcards from Holly (Thrilling Holly) - Kyrewood run!

Sunday, February 24, 2013
Gorgeous Holly (Thrilling Holly) is staying with us for a few weeks, while her family are on the holiday overseas.
I thought to post some pictures of her here, so that her parents can see how their precious girl is doing :)
Today, we took Holly and some of our pack to Kyrewood for a run in the paddock and water jump -Holly loved it! She also got to meet some horses (you can click on photos to see full size):
Meeting the horses :)
Some more pictures:

Running with Ben The Corgi and Misha
Off to the water jump we go!
Holly loved the water jump...
..and did not care the water was murky green :)

That was fun!

Happy Birthday to Jazz and Leo !

Friday, February 15, 2013

Gorgeous littermates Jazz (Homebush Squirt) and Leo (Our Cheetah) have just turned 8  -

Happy Birthday
from the Nightrave pack !

Our friend Kirsty sent us these lovely images of the birthday boy and girl (thanks a million Kirsty!)

Postcards from Princess Holly :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Holly resting :)
Gorgeous Holly (Thrilling Holly) is staying with us for a few weeks, while her family are on the holiday overseas.
I thought to post some pictures of her here, so that her parents can see how their precious girl is doing :)
Holly is a true princess - she LOVES finer things in life. At first she was a bit fussy with food, but our venison stock and Purina Shredded blend quickly fixed that - she is eating like a horse now!
 She goes walkies with our pack, and also attends Canine Good Citizen classes with them  :) Holly is very very waggy, happy, clever doggie :) It is a pleasure to have her stay with our pack for a month .
(you can click on pictures to see full size)

Holly with her new friend Sam The Samoyed
With Emma and the pack in our fully fenced dog club
Holly with Yellow (Gold For Thys)
With our Cobby (Cawbourne Snowy)

Hanging out in the garden with Yellow and Sam

A lovely video to share

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MovingOn2 from Nancy L. Hudson on Vimeo.

This video was forwarded to us by one of our greyhound friends. It was shot in the USA -but applies to all greyhound lovers. Please watch and share, it is beautiful.

"Dedicated to greyhound owners, trainers, kennel and track staff. 
Before our hounds were our pets, they were your racers. It can't be easy to let them go but you do.

As adopters and stewards of the retired racing greyhounds we are now honored to stand where you stood.