Update on our foster greyhound Ike (Bound By Pride)

Friday, October 18, 2013
Ike (now Shadow) and his new Mum Helen :)
We have posted a few updates on our gorgeous foster greyhound Ike (Bound By Pride) on our Nightrave Facebook page already, so this is just a summary for the blog :)

We have advertised Ike up for adoption in our local dog club and also on Trademe, and we had so many applications from people who wanted to adopt the gorgeous boy :)
We have gone through all of them and in the end chose Helen, who lives in Palmerston North and whom we have known for a few years now. Helen met Ike and they clicked straight away - Helen was committed to training Ike aswell, she has already joined our dog club where Ike has been having some lovely times attending obedience classes with his new Mum! :)
Oh and Ike has been renamed 'Shadow' -a name he seems to like a lot! :)

We at Nightrave believe that training retired greyhounds (and all dogs in general) in obedience, CGC and other disciplines is the key to happy dogs and happy owners ; this has, needless to say, been proven overseas over and over. We are looking forward to seeing Shadow and him Mum have loads of fun and lots of success in training :)
Keep and eye out on our Facebook page and this blog for updates on Shadow's new life :)

Toby The Lure and Shadow with Rachel