Cutest Wiggle (Homebush Wiggle) is up for adoption

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wiggle (Homebush Wiggle) is simply gorgeous doggie who has recently arrived to GAP and is now looking for forever home.
I had some pictures from Wiggle's racing days so thought to share them here :) You can click on pictures to see full size.
Wiggle with her trainer's little boy
At the racing kennels, with her trainer
SO cute! Puppy Wiggle (right) with her sister Daphne (Homebush Daphne).
 Daphne is still racing and belongs to Ashley, greyhound lover extraordinaire :)

Meet Buffy (Dreama Queen) -the cutest smiley girl :)


This morning I was at the Sanson GAP kennels and I met gorgeous Buffy (Dreama Queen). She is 25kg, tiny girl, with the cutest smile, as you can see in the picture above :) Sonja (GAP Kennel Manager) took all the pictures :)
Buffy is like a cat -she actually leans on you and rubs her face against you for cuddles :) She was a good racing doggie, and then had puppies, before coming to GAP at 7yrs old. She is now looking for that special forever home. Although 7yrs old, Buffy is very playful and in great health. She acts like  a dog half her age :)
Buffy is also a half-sister to our foster boy Hugo (Young Valiant) :)

Some cute pictures of Jura (Flirtatious Wink)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jura (Flirtatious Wink) went to live with her new family in Wellington in July this year. Her new parents wrote:

 Jura has settled in extremely well- she knows which couch is the most comfy, how to sneak in to our bedroom when we're not looking to lie on the bed, and which cupboard her treats are kept in. At first she was a bit scared of the traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city but now takes it all in her stride. Jura has several local admirers and she's always happy to stop and meet new people.
We took her to her first GAP greyhound run in Otaki last week. She thoroughly enjoyed it and made a few friends, fabulous to see her run with the other greyhounds.

The whole adoption process has been seamless and we really feel you matched us with our perfect (if slightly greedy) greyhound. Thank you GAP!

Meet Madam Cutie (Call Me Cute)

Friday, August 26, 2011
Yes, of course I am cute!!
Gorgeous Cutie (Call Me Cute) has been with us for a couple of weeks now -she is a 8yr old , very precious lady :)
Cutie had a great racing career, but was retired four years ago. Since then, she has been her trainers' house pet. She is a true Madam,  is used to finer things in life, LOVES her couch, fluffy dog beds, and snuggly coats. She also LOVES her food and treats!
Cutie is just so special -she is beautifully behaved in the house, very clean doggie, sleeps through the night and LOVES cuddles :) She wags her tail at amazing speed and has a lovely toothy smile :)

Cutie is in great health, and in amazing condition. Her trainers took great care of her. In fact, when we took her to the GAP vet to be desexed, the vet called GAP Kennel Managers to doublecheck her age! :)
She is lovely on the lead and is just SO gorgeous :) She loves her bed and sleeps for hours -but when it is walkies time, it is all go! :)

Today, Cutie went to help her foster-Nana Yvonne at a Feilding market (Yvonne sells her beautiful orchid plants there). Today - all the orchids were sold in record time! :)

Cutie and Yvonne selling orchids at Feilding Market today :)

Update 11th September 2011:

We tok all the dogs today to have a run at Kyrewood Equestrian Center. Cutie LOVED Benjamin The Corgi and kept following him all the way :) I took some pictures:

Lucy, Benjamin The Corgi and Cutie
Cutie running :)
Cutie and Benjamin
Cutie loved the water jump :)
Cutie and Jimmy (Postman Jim)
Limmy, Cutie, Ben and Lucy
Cutie and Ben

Update from gorgeous little Chelsea

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Hello - it is me , Chelsea (nee Connie)! It's been 4 weeks since I found my new home in Hamilton and I have settled in really well, mum says im a good girl and I try hard to please.

I've got sheepskins on both my beds and I just love snuggling into them.
"Buzzy" the resident cat moved into temporary accommodation downstairs (under the house) but is getting used to the idea that I am here to stay. :)
I tried to make friends by playing chase with him but he hissed and growled at me, I didn't think that was very polite so I ignore him now.

Buzzy and me :)
Hey,I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and just had to go back for another look,WOW I'm so cute that must be why Buzzy stares , he can't take his eyes off me!!
The other day mum took me to the riverpath to meet the other hounds,of course being the new kid on the block I was a little shy,then we went to another park where my new greyhound friends Fritz, Jolie and I hooned around like mad things ! We even found a muddy puddle, I had so much fun.

In the mornings if mum isn't awake I poke her in the eye with my cold wet nose and then do a little jig thats usually good for a laugh and a cuddle, I just love cuddles.
I try to steal Buzzy's cuddles but mum says I have to wait my turn, I dont mind cos I know mine will last longer! HA!
Catch ya all later. Thanks to GAP another happy dog and owner. Chelsea xxx

Update from Basil (Sub Class)

Monday, August 22, 2011

In July this year, a very special greyhound arrived to GAP: Baz ( Sub Class), trained by Steve Clark and Kathy Wilson, had 82 starts and an amazing racing record.  I have to admit that a few of us made a special trip to GAP kennels just to meet this doggie!

After a short time in the kennels, Baz was adopted by Liz and Jamie from Wellington. They renamed him Basil -which I think so suits him! :)
Liz just sent us an update on their lovely boy:

Jamie and I fell in love with the Greyhound breed about a year ago. We were completely smitten when we saw a lovely woman walking her dog in Mt Vic, she told us all about GAP, and more about the breed. We were renting a little house in Mt Victoria, and thought it would be perfect for a giant dog. Sadly, our landlord disagreed. So...we moved out, and bought our own house, just so we could start our family of pets!

Basil (Formerly known as BAZ) has been with us for 5 weeks now. Driving up to Sanson to collect Basil was one of the greatest days of my life! What a truely awesome day it was, meeting awesome people and AWESOME greyhounds - and beautiful Basil. We loved him as soon as we saw him.

The first night with Basil was a breeze. He was taken outside the house first, so he could get used to the grounds and sniffed everything he could. He panted a bit at first but then fell straight asleep as soon as he got on to his bed. He really had a busy day : )

Basil really is the sweetest little boy. He LOVES going for his walk everyday. I take Basil for a 45 min walk during the day, then most evenings I will take him for a 15 min walk to the bus stop to meet Jamie. Basil Loves his daddy, and watching Basil's tail wag immensely as Jamie hops off the bus is cutest thing. Basil is very good on the lead, walks right beside us which is fantastic. Everyone loves Basil, and he gets stopped a lot for pats and cuddles from strangers we meet out on our walks.

Basil's gran bought him 3 squeeky toys when he first arrived. He only started to play with them in the 3rd week. He LOVES his squeeky toys. I could be way down the other end of the backyard while Basil is in the front yard - squeek his toy (ever so slightly) and he will come SPRINTING ready to play.

Basil likes to follow us around everywhere we go...he loves knowing what we are doing, he is very curious. He really is just a big softy. Just the other day I was outside with Basil throwing his toy around, then all of a sudden he yelped! The biggest cry I have ever heard! completely freaked me out. He rushed over to me limping, I thought he may of broken his leg, I was really worried - I knelt down to thoroughly inspect his leg to see what was wrong, and there was the TINNIEST little graze (very pitiful) I gave him a cuddle and nursed his "wound" which he just loved. He had a little band-aide on it for a day. I can report - Basil has made a full & complete recovery. :)

Basil really is a character. He has recently discovered the TREATS drawer. Its always interesting watching him trying to get into it.

He waits for us to get up in the morning now, at first he whined a bit, we thought it may be his way of telling us that he needs to go to the loo, but he didn't. He just wanted attention. Just took a few "ARRRCCCKKKKSS" to stop that behavior.

We have come home a few times now to Basil standing on the window sill waiting for us. Really is the funniest thing, a Giant dog on a windowsill. We even got a picture :

We are still working on re-calling Basil out in public places. He is great at home and will come to his name from anywhere around the house in or out...but public places....(especially dog parks) is tough. He gets quite distracted from all the smells. We plan to take him to a friends house with a big back yard and do some training with him there. Other than that, it has been smooth sailing with Basil.
The Dog Listener has been a great help to Jamie and I, and has helped us really put some boundaries in place with Basil. We absolutely love Basil, and cant imagine our lives without him now. He is AWESOME, we cant wait to get another greyhound!! Think Basil will love having a friend to play with :)

Some pictures from Abby in Auckland

Saturday, August 20, 2011
Little Abby went to live in Auckland recently, after being fostered by Jolie (Snowie Secret) and her family.
Her new parents Iris and Brian just sent us these cute pictures below. Abby's new friend is a Burmese cat, we don't know her name, but she sure is very cute too :)

Our new foster greyhound Fiona (Bronze for Macos)

OMG! A paddling pool!
Fiona (Bronze for Macos) has been with us for only a few days and she has already made herself at home :)
She is very pretty and very affectionate girl. She is tall, lithe, and relatively big for a girl -she is  just over 30kg!
Fiona just adores people and is interested in EVERYTHING you do - at the moment she is fascinated by a computer keyboard (currently observing very carefully as I type!! :) She tries to get into your lap too, it is hilarious!
She has fitted in great into our pack  - she gets on fabolously with  Louie, Lucy and our other foster greyhound Cutie (Call Me Cute). Fiona is lovely in the house: she sleeps through the night, has never had an accident inside, and follows our instructions well. She is a bit of a foodie too, she polishes off any food that comes her way :)
Yesterday we went to Sue's place, as Sue wanted to take a video of Fiona for the GAP website. While the video was being taken, Fiona had a great time playing with SUe's doggies Frankie and Beryl (Winsome Deluxe). I took some pictures (you can click on each picture to see full size):

I think Frankie likes me...?
He does!!!! Lets play!
Beryl thinking of joining in...
Fiona and Beryl
Fiona was SO intrigued by Sue and her camera...
...until she discovered a PADDLING POOL!!!!
It is all ON!

And -here is her video: :)


Update 23/06/2011:

Last weekend we took Fiona and our greyhounds for a run at Kyrewood Equestrian Center. They were joined by Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) , Sam The Samoyed (who was staying with us for the weekend) and of course, by Benjamin The Resident Corgi :)
Fiona had a great time hooning around, and she made great friends with Benjamin, who thought she was SO cool :)
Fiona and Benjamin :)
Lucy and Fiona chasing Ben :)
Fiona LOVED the water jump...
...and she did some diving there!!!
Sam The Samoyed and Fiona
Beryl, Benjamin and Fiona
Pretty Fiona :)
After diving in the water jump, Fiona was soaked, so she tried her best to dry off!
Back home that night: tired doggie :)