Update and gorgeous pictures from Rosie (Rialto Rosie)

Saturday, February 27, 2010
I just got an update and loads of gorgeous photos from Sarah from Auckland (thanks a million Sarah!), who has recently adopted Rosie (Rialto Rosie).
Pictures are so cute, especially the ones of Rosie with her cousins COla The French bulldog and Maggie the West Highland Terrier.
Sarah says:
Rosie is wonderful, she has settled in so well and she loves living on 27 acres and comes to work with me (I work as a Veterinary Physiotherapist), she loves meeting lots of new people each day, and exploring as many new places as she can. And if I don’t open the door of her crate (in the car) quick enough she’ll jump in any part of the car that is open – regardless of whether she can fit or not! She’s been known to jam herself under the steering wheel, and into a small gap between the door and her crate to make sure she isn’t left behind (which has never happened – she gets to come with me everywhere!). Rosie absolutely loves running on the beach and in the water, so we’ve been going to the beach frequently all summer, she also comes with me when I ride my horse around the farm (most of the time unless she’s feeling lazy partway through the ride and she takes herself back up to the house to have a sleep!)

I took her with me to watch the Polo Open in Clevedon, so many people came up to ask about her, and one man came and asked her racing name, when I told him she was Rialto Rosie he came back with a steak for her a few minutes later!

Videos of Lucy playing with her friend Frankie in Timona park :-)

Friday, February 26, 2010
Our friend Sue (Frankie's Mum) took videos of Lucy, playing with Frankie - a cute kelpie cross :-) Frankie is similar age as Lucy and it was love at first play! And they play hard and fast :-)
They play very roughly, but love each other! In the background, you can also see Louie and our foster greyhound Thrilling Alex.
Check out the videos! (thanks a million for taking them Sue!) . Make sure you have the volume up as Sue has got fantastic background music!

and more of them playing :-)

And the one below features our foster greyhound Alex (Thrilling Alex) .Although Alex is our new foster greyhound (he has been with us for only 2 days) we offleashed him in the fully-fenced Feilding velodrome today - if you need fully fenced exercise areas, do check your local velodrome! They are typically fully fenced and BIG. Alex is a handsome big blue greyhound with a green muzzle. He did not want to go anywhere -he followed Rachel around the velodrome :-) He is just a lovely boy:

An update from Piper :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We got a lovely letter from GAP girl Piper, who was adopted by Long Family:

In April 2009 I found a home with the Long family, who live on the Kapiti Coast. At first I found it quite difficult to settle into a strange place and a different routine, but it did not take long to get used to things with just a few accidents along the way.

Sox the cat already lived here and although I like her and quite often nudge her to see if she is game for a bit of mucking around I think she just tolerates me and gives me a telling off on occasions. Well she is a bit old and does not like running around as much as I do. It annoys me when she nicks my bed as soon as my back is turned.
Here she is:

Not long after I was taken home by my new family we moved house to one with much more space now I get to run around as much (or as little) as I like. Alex who is 10 is my best friend and we go on many adventures together, see the pictures below!

One of my other favorite past times is bathing in sunshine while my new mum Samantha works very hard in the garden, it exhausts me just watching her!

I also like trips out in the car taking my new dad to the railway station to catch the train to work and to Otaki Gorge, however the water can be a bit cold at times, so I usually let Alex test it first, not daft me!

My new family say that I am a bit of a Houdini as I have learnt to open all the doors in the house and not even the electric garage door can keep me in. My favorite trick of all time is taken the blue cheese when no one is looking, however seem to get into a lot of trouble when I do that.

I have have been here for 8 months now and feel very settle and look forward and look forward to growing old here.

A very happy Piper.

Animates Fun Day last weekend

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Animates had their fun day last weekend - I think it was on in most Animates stores all over NZ.
We took our lovely hounds Lucy, Louie and our foster greyhound Fleur(Thrilling Fleur) to the Animates in Palmerston North. They all wore their GAP coats, and were looking very smart! We talked to many people about greyhounds, and what lovely pets they made.
After about an hour Lucy got a bit tired :

So she went and found herself a perfect bed (yes, we bought it for her. It is reversable plush velvet bed :-)

Lucy and Fleur absolutely fell in love with a small piglet that was there! They sniffed it, licked its snout, AND washed its ears at one stage! :)

Fleur wonders: what is it...?

OMG i love it, whatever it is!

Lucy and the piggy : :-)

Auckland hounds at Big Gay Out in Pt. Chev

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Above: Jo with Boxer (Allegro Comet), Atlanta with Hero (Thrilling Jim), Lynda with Pauli, and Michelle with Barney (Cool Customer)

All the pictures have been stolen from Lynda's facebook page :-)
The whole team dressed in matching outfits as the construction workers from the Village People (except for Michelle and Barney, who had an Indian theme going on -and won a price ! :-)

And yes - John Key had a picture with a hound this year too!

Below: Tank (Aqua Tank) receiving a hosedown from the fire fighters.

Cynthia's foster greyhound Smiler (Pango Will He)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Above : Smiler and his foster brother Monty the corgi

Just got a few pictures of Cynthia's foster greyhound Smiler (Pango Will He) - thanks Cynthia!

Cynthia wrote: Smiler's personality suits his name: he's a happy go lucky boy who's aim in life is to please you and make you happy.
He loves to play and chase balls and will play with them by himself when everybody is too busy to play. He's a smoochy boy who loves to snuggle up for a cuddle. His favorite place to sleep, other than the couch, is in the back of the car: he jumps in at every chance he can get!

Below: Smiler practicing for Carol singing at the Brightwater Home

Our foster greyhound Fleur (Thrilling Fleur)

Monday, February 15, 2010
A few pictures of our new foster greyhound Fleur :-)
She arrived on Thursday last week and has already made herself at home !
We call her The Blonde - she is very pretty and a typical blonde :-) Her racing name was "Thrilling Fleur" but it should have been "Playboy Bunny" :-)
She LOVES her toys, she keeps rearranging them between beds in the lounge , and her crate. She spends quite a lot of time taking toys from one place to another, and she always sleeps with her favourite brown teddy. :-)

Fleur is perfect in the house, very clean and has never had any toileting issues (to be honest we never really had to toilet train her- she simply did it all herself :-)
We offleashed her the first time in a secure area and she recalled to us - she is very eager to please and does not want to get into trouble. She is very trainable and very well behaved.

Samantha's foster greyhound Lynn (Shining Comet)

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Just got few cute pictures from Samantha, whose family is currently fostering Lynn (Shining Comet). Samantha wrote:
Lynn has been with us for just over 2 weeks, she is 8 years old, friendly, quiet , and like all greyhounds, loves to sleep :) She loves cuddles too.

She likes to play with other dogs, enjoys going on walks (gets very excited when you say 'walkies!'), and she LOVES to run!
The other day we organized to take Jazz (Homebush Squirt) and Lynn up to the dog run area (fully fenced) and meet Huggie (Stylish Huggie) and Bud (Heeza Addis) there. Lynn had great fun chasing Huggie and his ball up and down the park with the other dogs.

Below: Jazz, Bud and Lynn After a big run at the park
(you can click on the pictures for full size)

In the house, Lynn is very well behaved, sleeps through the night, stays off the furniture and knows the boundaries. Always had great toileting with Lynn - no accidents at all. She loves the mattress/dog bed in the lounge between the fire and TV and as you can see from the photo she is happy to share it. :-)

Below: Lynn letting Jazz share “Her Mattress” with her

We hope she finds a great home – where she gets the cuddles and attention she deserves.

Update from Sonny (Geordie Boy)

Friday, February 12, 2010
We got a lovely email today from our foster greyhound Sonny (Geordie Boy), who now lives with Bray family in Wellington:

Howdy all. Thought I’d better get in touch after a busy few weeks. I’ve decided I’m definitely a fan of being a pet – I have the most cruisy life now every day’s a treat! I spend more & more time rolling on my back for tummy scratchies. I get two walks a day. Although I did have a week off when I had my bandage on – I think the green suited me don’t you?

On Sunday I got ICE-CREAM! Mum told me not to tell Aunty Robyn coz she’ll tell Mum off but I just had to share) I loooooooooooooove my Dad the bestest – we have manly time sitting on the stairs side by side every morning. .

Anyhoo, here’s a couple more piks of me & mine. Hope you are all good.
Sonny Bear Bray

Thomas (Smart Thomas) and family :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010

(Above: Thomas and Casper)

Thomas (Smart Thomas) was adopted by Ingrid , Menno and their little son Casper.
Ingrid also sent me these gorgeous pictures -thanks Ingrid!

She says: Thomas has been with us from 20th of December 2009 and he is a part of the family now. Thomas is great with kids and he loves cuddles.

Our little one Casper ( 10months now) adores him :-)
My neighbour is fond of him too, she walks him every morning. It is good for her health and good for me as I can give the best to our little boy in the morning. (picture below)

And he is great with cats until they are running (even then he is too lazy to chase them). Our oldest cat is the boss. Sometimes she will sit in an open door (or sliding door) so Thomas is unable to pass her even if I ask him to come. :-)

On the picture below Thomas gets a cuddle from Kev the Kiwi ! (this was during a buggy walk). After the kids got cuddles Thomas looked at Kev the Kiwi asking for a cuddle too!