Update from Sam (Thrilling Mix)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Day 1: Sam found his bed!
We just got an update from Falyn and Pete, who adopted Sam (Thrilling Mix) a few weeks ago. They wrote:

We initially approached GAP thinking it would be good if we were matched with a smallish female (preferably blue) greyhound. Instead we got Sam, a large brindle male and we couldn't be happier! From the time we first met him he's always been smiling, wagging his tail (often with painful consequences for those standing nearby), keen to grab cuddles, and constantly trying to find a way to get into our car, or any car apparently...
When we first arrived home he trotted around the garden, had a quick sniff, then went straight into the lounge where spied his bed and lay down, no sniffing or exploring the rest of the house, just 'that looks comfy, I'll take it' and made himself at home. His first week or so was a learning process for all of us but his training has been a breeze so far; he has learnt to jump into the car on his own, go to his bed, stay, wait for his food, and heel (except when furry distractions in the form of the neighbourhood cats are present), all within the first three days.
We have taken him for a run at Robyn’s paddocks in Otaki where he had a great time with Maxi the Taxi and co, and we got to see him speed about for the first time. He’s a very confident boy and loves meeting other dogs and people, and is really good with the children he has met so far too.
We have just had a big weekend that he seemed to enjoy, during which he ate his first chicken frame, devoured a pigs ear in record breaking time, was out walking for three hours, watched a netball game, met an Alaskan Malamute, started eating a canon bone so large he couldn’t lift it and had to drag it to his favourite spot on the lawn, and walked head first into a lamp post while staring intently at a cat... we've also discovered he loves banana's, or at least the peels. He'll go to great lengths to hunt out a banana peel it seems!

His new favourite pasttime

Eating his first chicken frame :)
Our family and friends are still surprised at how laid back and downright lazy he can be – often he prefers to stay lazing about on his bed than greet anyone who comes by. It’s a good thing we weren’t after a guard dog cause I think he’d happily go with anyone, providing they were offering cuddles and a ride in their car! People are often surprised to hear that he doesn’t need hours upon hours of exercise each day, I think they’re amazed something that can run so fast can love to sleep so much!

Overall Sam is a great addition to our lives and I think the only minor concern we have so far, is that the breakfast time alarm clock in his head (and the associated cold nose snuffling in your face routine) doesn't cater for weekend sleep-ins… :)
Enjoying the sun (and hampering our attempts to make the bed!)

Update from foster care: Mynx (Whistling Mynx)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Mynx (Whistling Mynx) is being fostered by Sally and George (Chile Command) in Wellington. Sally just sent us an update on her:

Mynx loves collecting stuffed toys, including slippers and clothing, and stashes them in her sleeping spots. She also has a place on the deck for them too, if we don't stop her sneaking them outside!

Just after the photo on the edge of the stream was taken, she surprised me by jumping in. The water was almost over her back - I don't know if that surprised her, but she didn't seem to mind.
And she and George are very comfortable hanging out together.
We're enjoying having Mynx here, and watching her confidence with unfamiliar people and places continue to grow. She's a real character, and very affectionate once she's comfortable with her surroundings and gets to know you. :)
George and Mynx :)

Our brave foster greyhound: Lilly's story

Lilly The Little Tiger :)

We are currently fostering a very special greyhound: lovely 9yr old Lilly. 
Lilly is a refugee from Christchurch -her parents, an elderly couple, lost their home and everything they owned in the earthquake, and had to move to Auckland to stay with relatives. They were unable to take Lilly with them -so she was uplifted to Wellington, to a boarding kennel which offered temporary accomodation for earthquake-affected pets.
It is quite heartbreaking as Lilly was with her parents for years - they adopted her when she was 2-3 years old.

The owner of the temporary boarding kennel was trying to find a forever home for Lilly - so Claire ( Indie's and Romy's Mum) and myself decided to foster Lilly, while she waits for her entry to GAP. :)

Lilly stayed with Claire for a while, and then she came here to Feilding, to join our other foster greyhound Hugo, and of course Louie and Lucy :)
Lilly and Louie

For a doggie that has been through so much - Lilly is the bravest and so wise. In her eyes, you can see she does not want to be any trouble, and is so grateful for everything. We teared up a few times watching Lilly being so wonderful with Louie, Lucy and Hugo.
She is well settled with our pack now -she has been here a few weeks. She loves all other dogs, people, kids, everyone. She is an absolute sweetie:  lovely on the lead, beautifully housetrained, never had an accident inside, never put a foot wrong - absolutely wonderful dog :)

Despite being 9, she is in perfect health, even her teeth are absolutely perfect. Her parents took great care of her :) Her coloring is lovely, she looks like a tiger and has the softest coat :)
We hope Lilly will find wonderful forever home -she so deserves it!  Some more pictures of beautiful Lilly below:
With Louie
Beautiful girl :)
Hugo and Lilly :)
Drinkies with Hugo
With the pack :)

Getting cuddles from Aunty Sue :)

More new martingale collar patterns in GAP Shop now!

Four new martingale collar patterns have just arrived to GAP Shop:

Soccer balls!
Black fantasy damask (white background)

Gold glitz metallic with black
 (this is amazing looking, the gold stripes are true metallic
 -we could not capture this in the picture)

We now have dozens of various patterns and colors - to see the full range and collar details, please look at the GAP Shop Page .
All proceeds of collar sales are going directly to the hounds who are waiting for homes in GAP kennels. So go on- treat your hound and help more of them find forever homes !

These cost $35 per collar (plus $2 for postage)- contact Sheila at GAP shop shop@greyhoundsaspets.org.nz or phone (07) 858 3210 evenings and all day Saturdays.

GAP Manawatu walk today!

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Cynthia, greyhound foster carer extraordinaire, organized a GAP walk today in Asshurst Domain today. Rachel and me could not be there this time :(
Sue, Beryl's Mum was there though, and she took some lovely pictures - thanks a million Sue!
Beautiful Cara (Thrilling Paris) in full flight
Gorgeous Stevie (No Spoken Word)
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and Monty :)
Stanley (Chile Will He) and again, Monty!
Afterwards, a drink at the Ashhurst Inn :)
On the picture, Cara (Thrilling Paris) and Horse (Awesome Hidalgo) with their Dads :)

Princess Beryl wearing her GAP martingale collar :)

Update from Stevie (No Spoken Word)

We just got an update from Monique, whose family adopted Stevie (No Spoken Word) 2 months ago. Monique wrote:

Stevie is doing great here in our house :) She sleeps all the time (loves her bed), loves her walkies and loves her dinner.

Stevie is a dream on the lead, has learnt how to wait before her food, jump into the boot etc - she had her routine down pat by day three :)
She is really good  friend with our other dog Shadow (border collie x shih tzu) and they often play together.Stevie has a buzzy bee toy what has a sting the she can now pull herself and make it buzz!


Pictures of the day: Sarge (Sergeant Scream) and his new bed!

My new bed my mum made me. Finally, a bed that fits ME!
Mmmm plush....

Update from Paddy (Paddy Bond)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paddy (Paddy Bond) now lives with Leigh-Anne, Martin and their two teenages in Upper Hutt.
Leigh-Anne just sent me a lovely update and some photos:

 Paddy has been with our family for just over 2 months. Paddy likes to lie about on his huge bed, go for walks - exploring different places, sleeping in Martin and Leigh-Anne's bedroom at night, playing with his toys and hangin with the family. He likes going out in the car so much that he refuses to get out of the car when we arrive home.
He initially didn't like being left alone much and cried even when we went into town to do errands. Loud enough that the neighbours let us know! He has however developed into a happy,confident and very cuddly dog, even putting on some weight. When he is cuddled around the neck by Leigh-Anne he pretends he is being choked and gives a couple of coughs! He avoids our 3 cats and if one is sitting in a doorway he will not go through the door unless we call him.

 He loves going out walking with Martin in the morning and Leigh-Anne at night. Sometimes we will con one of our teens into taking him for a walk as well. :) Last week he went for a free run with other greyhound friends at the local obedience club and had a ball. He was very social with the other greyhounds.
Paddy is very good at responding to commands and has learnt that he can't help himself to food, after he ate part of Martin's lunch one day. ("It was Dad's lunch - he left it where I could smell it - so I just couldn't resist!"). Martin has never owned a dog before but he has become very attached to Paddy and Paddy to him. 
 We just love having Paddy as part of our family!
Paddy and his Dad Martin at the GAP run

Update from Murphy (Macau)

Handsome Murphy (Macau) now lives in Wellington, with Sue and family. Sue just sent us this update:

Murphy has settled in really well. After his initial tummy troubles he now seems to have settled down. He is enjoying his food and seems to have put a little weight on which is great. His coat is also much glossier as well. :)
We have been using the Gentle Leader headcollar on him and walking is becoming more of a relaxed affair. He isn't totally cured of pulling, but well on the way!
I am attaching some photos of him. As you can see he is already a much adored member of the family!

BTW -if you like Murphy's gorgeous martingale collar, it is available from GAP Shop.

Update from Bubbles (Fancy Girl)

Monday, May 23, 2011
We just got an update from Bubbles (Fancy Girl), who now lives in Foxton. Her new Dad Wayne wrote:

What can we say about Bubbles? Just that she has us completely besotted with her gentleness and her very cheeky ways. Especially when she comes prancing out of my bedroom with my scooby doo slipper in her mouth, and then proceeds to have a mad five minutes running round the house with it or one of her toys in her mouth.

She is really great with our very grumpy old man (Billy, our old border terrier who is 16yrs old) and since having a little stroke he has got a little more grumpy, but Bubbles just ignores him when he is in one of his moods, but they do like to follow one another around.
Last weekend she meet the rest of the family and all their dogs: Jack Russel, Labrador, and a German Shepherd. They all had a great time in the park chasing one another, but I must say Bubbles left them all in her wake. It was so great to see her at full stretch!

Update on Jess (Winsome Jess)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stanley and Jess running together :)
Cute little Jess (Winsome Jess) now lives with Stanley (Big Dapto) and his family in Auckland. She looks very happy :)

Dingo ears :)
Regular readers of this blog will know that Stanley has his own blog, Stanley's World.
Today, he has been posting about the first offlead run he had with his new sister! You can check out the post and see more pictures of both Jess and Stanley here.

Look at Jess go!