Beautiful young Jake is looking for retirement home :)

Friday, July 4, 2014
Yes, people say I am handsome...
Isn't he just a beautiful boy? This sleek and shiny black greyhound is 2 year old Jake (Xtra Large), who has retired recently due to being a bit slow on the racing track :) Jake is now looking for a loving, fun and active pet home.

Jake is being homed privately by his trainer/breeder Kathy Wilson and his foster carer Danielle Irving,  who have asked us to assist in finding a good, responsible and loving home for this young boy.
I have met Jack and he is this stunning , tall, black greyhound with a big smile and lovely brown eyes. Very very cute - puppy-like,  active and fun, with a mischievous streak :)

Jake is a huge playful puppy who thinks he is tiny (in fact, he weighs 38kg - a big gorgeous black boy), he can be boisterous at first but will settle down if you tell him 'NO'.
Jake  is very keen to learn as well as well as very motivated by treats and praise so will be easy to train.  He loves his food, is not fussy at all, and would do anything for treats.

Jake is very very trainable and responsive -  he is leaning to sit, stay, wait, come. His lead manners are usually great but he needs reminding to walk to heal from time to time.
 He doesn’t like to be left on his own in kennels but he is fine and happy inside the house ; we think he would be the happiest living with another dog or people who are around a bit.

Jake LOVES kids and playing with them; he sometimes forgets how big he is though, so we think his new family should have only bigger kids (no tiny kids, as although he just loves them he may knock them over in his mad playful moments!).  He is happy to sleep once he is tired and sleeps (snores) all night.
Jake is very people-oriented and will make a loving and fun interactive pet. Being so trainable, he would be also suitable for someone who wants to do some obedience training, Rally O or Canine Good Citizen classes. With a bit of recall training by his new owner, Jake will be an offlead greyhound out and about.
I already know how to sit !
Danielle and her son also took this video of Jake playing with his toy (click on the link below to watch  - while the video is on Facebook, it is public so you do not need a Facebook account to watch it):

Jake has been socialized with dogs of all breeds and sizes, and currently shares a foster home with a few other greyhounds and a small white Bichon Friese. Jake is also cat-trainable;  his foster carer has two cats and Jake has been introduced to them.
Jake is also crate-trained and toilet trained.

Jake was beautifully bred from top lines of racing dogs , and he was dearly loved by his trainers and handlers during his life.  As a result, he is extremely friendly and  loves all people. His trainer sent us these cute photos of puppy Jake and his siblings:

Jake at 6 weeks :) As a puppy , he had a bit of brindle on his back -that is all gone now, Jake is jet black !
Puppy Jake (on the right) with his siblings

From an early age, Jake has loved his food! :)
We thought to see whether any of our Nightrave friends would be interested in Jake - but of course his trainer will consider any good and responsible home for him.  We will be more than happy to help with settling in, advice , training or whatever else new owners might need.

Jake will go to his new home health checked, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and registered.
He will also come with a complimentary Nightrave designer collar and lead, of course :)

If you would like to know more about Jake, please contact us on, or call Fatima on 0274 526723. We are more than happy to arrange for you (and your pack if you have one) to meet Jake (Jake is based in Shannon, Horowhenua).

And of course, some more photos of the pretty boy (you can click on photos to see full size)

Update from Mr Popular - Thrilling Blitz

Thursday, July 3, 2014

First day at new home in Blenheim
 After advertising handsome Blitzy (Thrilling Blitz) up for rehoming, we had dozens and dozens of enqueries (thank you all who called  and emailed). In the end, Blitzy travelled to Blenheim, where he now lives with Steve, who sent us these gorgeous photos of clearly very content boy :) Steve said Blitzy has settled in great in his new home.

Steve is the Director of Marlborough Museum (, and apparently Blitzy might even come to work with him sometimes!

Check out Blitzy's massive bed:

 And just for fun, this is Blitzy and his trainer Steve Clark after winning Taranaki Cup in 2013: