Update on our gorgeous racing girl Hannah (All The Milk)

Monday, August 26, 2013
Cute Hannah (All The Milk)
So many of you who are not on Facebook often ask me about how our racing girls are doing. While we have many updates on them on our Facebook page , I somehow always run out of time to post a bit here on the blog.  :(
Little Hannah (All The Milk) is having the best time at Wanganui track - she has had a few starts there with overall awesome results! A few times she was unlucky and got checked or could not find racing room in  time, but her luck has been improving! She won her maiden race on 24th July there -  it was amazing! I don't think we have ever screamed that much -and I have to admit that lots of Moet was drunk that Wednesday lunchtime! There were a few happy tears too :)
Here is the photo finish:
Hannah winning! :) (you can click on the photo to see full size)
And even better -you can see the video of the race at the link below (Hannah is in the white and green striped rug ; the video should start at 1:24min -this is the time of her race):

Hannah also had the most AMAZING run for a second place on August the 14th - she did incredibly  well, happy little doggie coming from the back and pushing to the second place! We were so impressed , and so happy for this young dog, doing what she loves and having the best time. The video of this race is truly a must see (Hannah is in white rug number 3 in this race; this video should start at 10:35minutes):

And last week - this happy little girl has had her first middle distance race (520meters) and she came third!!! It is an amazing result for a dog who has not had any experience racing over this distance (all her previous starts were sprints, over 305meters).
But whatever the distance she is racing on - Hannah is always smiling :

I just wish that all the dogs, of all breeds, had a chance to do what they love, to have a job and enjoy it, like this beautiful girl and her parents did. That is the biggest wish of mine - although somewhat farfetched, I know. :) But we are allowed to dream ...
We are very excited about Hannah's career (she is really still a puppy, she is turning 2yrs old at the end of October) and we look forward seeing her running for a long time to come. And we promise we will keep you posted, both on our Facebook page and on our blog.

PS: Hannah's sister Stella (All The Coco)  has not really started racing yet -she is chilling out in a greyhound paddock in Rangiora, as her trainer would like her to mature a bit more before starting racing. It is a bit too far to visit but we heard she is having a great time :)

Here is a picture of lovely Stella:

Ribbons all round at RallyO in Feilding

Thursday, August 8, 2013
The Nightrave Pack spent last weekend at the NZARO (NZ Association of Rally Obedience) Expo at Feilding - and they did so well!!

In the photo below is only part of the haul of ribbons and certificates: Lucy The Ferret, Toby The Bichon Friese  (Nightrave Lure) and Yellow (Gold For Thys):

Chilling out after coming home :)
Misha (Bodhran Cailin) and Chevy (Cheverton) also competed, with great results.

Shoutout also goes to our friend Rebecca Conole who had awesome results with her greyhounds Blondie (Fancy Kate), Priceless (Fancy Freda) and Lola (Kinetic Flyer). Rebecca also took these lovely photos of Rachel, Lucy and Yellow (thanks a million Rebecca!):

Rachel and Yellow, who had a perfect run again :)
Lucy and Rachel at agility course. The Ferret is getting more and more into agility :)