Buy designer martingale collars from our shop!


Our online shop is here: Nightrave Online Shop

We have been designing martingale collars for greyhounds for four years now and they have been a huge success.

They are made  in New Zealand by skilled craftspeople, and are superbly made and perfectly finished.
We have imported all the hardware -it is nickel plated, welded /cast hardware for martingale collars.
The canvas/jacquard ribbons and trims are imported from the USA too, and they wear perfectly -my Louie has had one of these collars for four years now, and it still looks like new! (this is his everyday collar).

We have imported the real stuff, specifically designed for martingales -we did not scrimp on the materials - after all our hounds deserve the best!

All collars are fully adjustable and triple stitched at stress points to prevent breaking and prolong durability.
We have 1.5inch wide collars and 1inch wide collars available. 1inch collars are perfect for smaller, more slender hounds. We also offer matching leashes for both.

Our online shop is here: Nightrave Online Shop