Pictures of the day: Louie and his friend Jordan

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Louie (Charlston State) and his friend Jordan. Pics taken last week :-)

Labour Day 2009 - Scott's Ferry beach walk and races at the Manuwatu racecourse

Monday, October 26, 2009
Labour day - 26 October 2009 - was quite busy :-)
First, we took the hounds for a walk at Scotts Ferry beach. Fantastic weather, great turnout but lots of random people, fishermen, fishing lines, cars and other dogs on the beach so not much chance to free run the hounds... we still had fun, as you can see from the pictures below...(i took some of them, and stole some from Sonja's Facebook page!)

Below: Gail with her Zoe, and foster girl Nelly (Clan Mary Lou)

Below: Bob with Pricey (Our Price)

Below: Malcolm (Work Release), Isabella (Shoot The Bacon), Wilby (Ancient Rhythm)

Below: Irene with Roache (Awesome Enforcer) and Stevie (No Spoken Word)

Below: Robyn with Issie and Wilby

After the walk, we went to races at Manuwatu race track, and took the hounds with us:-)

Below: Snowy (Blemish) watching the races :-)

Below: Louie (Charlston State) checking out the lure :-)

Below: Jazzy( Homebush Squirt) and her human

And finally, me with Louie and Wilby :

GAP at The 50 + lifestyle Expo, ASB Showgrounds, Auckland

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lynda Sharp did a great job of organizing the GAP stand at the "50+ Lifestyle Expo" in Auckland (October 2009), and also was so kind to send me some great photos she took. (Thanks Lynda!)
The public were so interested and very keen, and apparently the GAP stand looked just amazing! (check out the potato sacks!!). Louie and me are so sorry we could not be there!

Above: Penny (Charlston Zoom, Louie's litter sister! )

Our amazing GAP owners did a great job during the 3 day event: Lynda with Ivan and Pauli, Lance and Sharon with Rosie, Jonathan and Dallas with Frank, Mojca and Uros with Oscar and Rosie, Helen with her perfectly matching hounds Cruzer and Enzo, Heather and Sinead with Brodie, Christine with Maddox, Michelle with Barney (I apologize if I left anyone out)..Special mention I think has to go to our ‘senior’ GAP owners: Oriel (with Penny), Jean (with Bella) and Mary (with Teddy) - these ladies were amazing , rattled buckets and spoke non-stop!

Lots of people said they were impressed with how quiet and relaxed the hounds were, and how well behaved they were. Some said they'd never seen a 'real' greyhound before, only the racing on the TV.
It was a great opportunity to show of our gorgeous hounds, and no doubt it will result in some adoption applications!

Above: Our amazing GAP ladies (left to right): Oriel with Penny (Charlston Zoom), Mary with Teddy (Bigtime Teddy) and Jean with Bella (Talkabout Suzi)
Above: Mary with Teddy (Bigtime Teddy)

Above: Mojca with Oscar (Kalden Kaos) and her foster greyhound Rosie (Rialto Rosie)

Above: Barney (Cool Customer) looking so cute!!

Above: Bella (Talkabout Suzi)

Above: Brodie (Top Deal) and Sinead
Above: Brodie having a break :-)

Above: Helen with her matching hounds :-)

Monty and Megan

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today's feature story: Monty (Waitak Thunder) and Megan from Auckland. Monty has been raised by the lovely Henny Laagland from Ngatea, and had a successful racing career before becoming a pet.

Monty says:

Hey guys – Monty here, or as my new mum calls me “The Mon-Star”. I’ve got myself a home in Auckland with my new mate RD ( an English Pointer cross - check out our pictures!) and I think I’m going to be pretty happy there. Mum does have some strange rules though. She doesn’t like it when I eat my bone on her bed and bury what’s left under her pillow for later. I know -I can’t understand it myself! Humans are strange. She growls a bit too… and I used to run and hide on her bed, but now I’ve worked out she’s not growling at me - she’s telling RD off… he’s the naughty one! Other than that, Mum’s pretty good to me. I have plenty of room to run and get to go “Supersonic” almost every day… Thanks to everyone at GAP for looking after me so well when I needed it and for finding me a home. Catch you at the group runs! Monstar

Picture of the day: Louie helping me clean the rug :-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tonto, Tui and family

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Today's feature post: Louie's litter brother Tonto (My Charlston), Tui, and their humans Miranda , Duncan and family.
(you can click on pictures for bigger size)

Below: Handsome Tonto - you can see the family resemblance!!!!

Below: Tui and Tonto

Two cuties :-)

Proudly wearing their GAP vests

"At home with Maxi The Taxi" - a run in Robyn's paddock today :-)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

(you can click on pictures for full size)

Robyn kindly invited all the Gappers for a run in her paddock in Otaki - we had 20-ish doggies there and they had a hell of a run (which, predictably, lasted for 5 minutes :-))) Sorry for the lack of action pics - by the time i got my camera out the gallop was pretty much over!
Thw weather was lovely and the dogs just loved it!
Maxi The Taxi did not feel like participating in the group picture - he wanted his own one :-) :

Robyn with Jazz (Homebush Squirt), Louie (Charlston State) and Jazz's owners:

One of the few action shots:

Anything to cool down - Romy (Skipper Star) and Jake (Waikika Pirate):

Handsome Charlie (Charlie Flash) in front:

Mummy's gorgeous boy (Louie, of course :-)):

Hugo (Snip's Soldier) looking handsome:

Eliza (Beka's Rose) with her human :-) :

Jake (Waikika Pirate) and his human :-)

Another update on our foster greyhound Kev :-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009
Kev's Mum Trisha has sent some VERY cute pictures!! :-)

Check them out below (comments by Trisha):

Morning cuddles, I am only allowed 2 legs on the bed!

Feeling pretty sorry for myself after running thru Trish's parents ranch slider !
Afew cuts and one big cut thru 2 veins on my leg !!! I will not ever do that again.!
Pretty much all better now!!!

Gardening with the kids.....