Adopt a badger!

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Snowy (Cawbourne Snowy) has been with us for a few weeks now - and we just love fostering the cute boy :)
Snowy, of course, is retired racing greyhound, but we think he looks SO like a badger! Check out his picture below:

Snowy is almost 4 years old (his birthday is coming up on 1st July :))
He is very smoochy, has gorgeous temperament and tries so hard to be a good boy :) He is lovely in the house, listens to us and picks things up very fast , has already learned so many things and has fitted into our pack with ease.
He LOVES LOVES LOVES his toys and can play with them for hours :)

Snowy has a lovely demeanor with other dogs - just a beautifully behaved boy.
 He absolutely adored our other foster greyhound Hugo (Young Valiant) and was a bit down after Hugo went to his forever home. :( These two boys used to play together, sleep together, share everything and claen each others' ears! :) I just found these cute pictures of Snowy and Hugo:

Snowy LOVES his bed and like any greyhound, sleeps for hours, on his back with his legs up in the air - but when the walkies time comes, it is all go!

He is very affectionate and could have cuddles for hours;  he will make a lovely pet for someone, he will bond strongly to his new owner.

Sharing a doggie couch with Louie
and with Lucy :)

Picture of the Day: It is cold in the Hawkes Bay today....

. Bruno (Thrilling York) and his cat help each other keep warm :)

More new martingale collar patterns in GAP Shop now!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Four new martingale collar patterns have just arrived to GAP Shop:

Green Jacquard

Black and Silver Jacquard

Royal Blue Jacquard
Green and Gold Jacquard

We now have dozens of various patterns and colors - to see the full range and collar details, please look at the GAP Shop Page .
All proceeds of collar sales are going directly to the hounds who are waiting for homes in GAP kennels. So go on- treat your hound and help more of them find forever homes !

These cost $35 per collar (plus $2 for postage)- contact Sheila at GAP shop or phone (07) 858 3210 evenings and all day Saturdays.

Ashhurst GAP walk last weekend

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Despite the drizzle -we had a lovely GAP run at the Ashhurst Domain last weekend. I did not count the hounds, but we had quite a good turnout. Everybody had a fantastic time! Afterwards, us humans went to the Ashhurst Inn for wine/coffeee. It was a lovely Sunday.
Here are some of the pictures Sonja and myself took:

Claire (Indie's and Romy's Mum) with hounds :)
Cara (Thrilling Paris) with her Dad :)
Ellie and her Chase
Chopper (To The Crest) and Snow (Cawbourne Snowy)

Stanley's Mum Sarah helped me handle my two foster greyhounds.
On the pic, myself with Red (Classy Fort) and Sarah with Snow (Cawbourne Snowy)

Gorgeous Stanley (Chile Will He)
My beautiful Louie (Charlston State)

Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) with her Mum Sue
Fancy Spider meets his new Mum, Polly
Fancy Spider wasted no time in practising the lean on his new Mum Polly :)
Ellie with Babe (Sexy Babe)
My beautiful Louie (Charlston State)
Lucy The Ferret (she is not muzzled as i run over her muzzle
with my car that morning :( Lucy is SO small that i could not find
a muzzle to fit her :( Luckily, she was allowed at the walk this time but I do
not intend to have her unmuzzled again.
Irene catches up with our foster boy Snow (Cawbourne Snowy)

Pictures of the day: Romeo (Arctic Romeo) and his little human :)

So cute :) Romeo's little girl has had a bad cold for a few days now, so he spends a lot of time with her in bed, keeping her company :)

Update from Del-Boy :)

We just got an update from Del-Boy, who now lives  in Marlborough with Michele and Eric.  His new Dad wrote:
Herewith a few of photos of the lad, zonked out! Obviously had a hard day out at the river today..... His dressing gown came off once the kitchen fire had got going.
I have to say that he seems to have taken a bit of a shine to me (can’t think why) and I was quite surprised as to how soft his fur is. Seems a nice natured young fella although we have yet to see how he and Bertie (the cat) are really going to get on. Bertie is the soul of discretion when it comes to valour, so he hasn’t given Del-Boy a chance to get up close and personal! :)

Picture of the day: Polly (Each and Every) and her little human Kyle :)

Monday, June 27, 2011
Aren't they both so cute? :)

Margaret's pack

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Margaret with her hounds Gizmo and Eddie,
Toby the chihuahua and Maggie the griffon x
Last week I visited GAP Auckland Coordinator Margaret Judd, and took some pictures of her and her pack :) (you can click on photos to see them in full size)
Margaret is a great greyhound and animal lover - and well known to all Auckland Gappers, who often meet at her property for an offlead run.
Gizmo (Call Me Gizmo) has been with Margaret for a while. Eddie (Surf It Up) is more recent addition :)
Oh and Margaret's pack includes 6 cats too - although they were not keen on the photoshoot, preferring to snooze in the sun :)

Gizmo (Call Me Gizmo) and Maggie :)

Margaret and Eddie (Surf It Up) , a gorgeous blue fawn boy
Photogenic Eddie !
Another group shot
Eddie is a real smiler!

Pictures of the day : Beautiful Romy (Skipper Star) on Peka Peka beach :)

Romy's Mum sent us those cute pictures of her girl enjoying a walk on Peka Peka Beach :)

   Btw -if you like Romy's pink martingale collar, it is available from GAP Shop.