Our new foster greyhound: Chester (Ginger Biscuit)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There's a new GAP foster greyhound in town :-) Chester (Ginger Biscuit) is a lovely 2 year old red fawn boy. He is very gentle, still a bit unsure about this pet business :-) but very brave and interested in everything. He is a real sweetie, great inside the house, I swear he has already toilet-trained himself (he arrived yesterday!). He barks once or twice when he wants to go out to toilet :-)
He slept through the night and loves toys and his bed, he is very very cute :-)

This was his second day with us and first visit to the park and velodrome. He had lots of fun with Louie (Charlston State), Lucy and Beryl (Winsome Deluxe).
Beryl thinks he's a sweetie and told him if he had any problems or questions she'd be happy to help:-) She followed him around, just in case he needed any help or had any questions LOL!
Below: Chester with Lucy and Beryl:

Below: Chester with Louie

Chester with Louie and Beryl:

Below: with Beryl

Below: Sue with Chester and Louie
Below: Chester and Frankie :-)

and Sue with everybody : :-)

Beryl's and Frankie's Mum Sue also took the video below: (thanks a million Sue!)

(if you double-click on the link below it will play in full size in a new window)

Brindy (Thunder L'Amore) in his new home :-)

Monday, June 28, 2010

We just got an update on Brindy (Thunder L'Amore) from his new parents Ursula and Tony. They say:
Here are just a couple of pictures of Brindy settled in, as you can see he has two favourite spots: his couch outside in the sun and his bed by the fire. We have to drag him away from the fire sometimes as he gets to hot and needs a drink. As soon as the fire is lit we know where to find him, thats if hes not lying on the floor outside the kitchen supervising us cooking dinner.
He loves his soft toys - he has three big teddies and a couple of smaller ones, that he's pinched out of the toy bag. Thats ok though, we were going to slowly bring one more toy out as one gets old but soon after getting him we realised he would rather a big selection all at once... he loves to carry his toys around the house and show them off to any new people that walk in the door...
He's a great dog!!!! Brindy gets on so well with Nipper (mums dog). They gallop around the back yard and play chase, and tease one another with the toys its so funny to watch, Nipper runs under and between Brindys legs and Brindy doesn't mind one bit.
Brindy is so well behaved up the horse padock its almost as if he thinks the horses are his own kind. He loves lying around my horses feet and spreads out over the horse covers in the sun! I caught him with his head in the food bowl helping Snoopy (my horse) finish his feed, or as Brindy put it "just washing the bowl" making it easier for me.
He's wonderful, we love him to bits, our house wouldn't be the same without him now!

New Plymouth hounds: Mo, Bambi, Nellie and Merc

Mo's (Moana Lawn) Mum Yvette sent me some pictures of New Plymouth hounds - thanks a million Yvette!
I dont know all their names -so if you recognize who they are do let me know!

Beautiful Bambi :-) :


Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) and her brother Frankie

Sunday, June 20, 2010
Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) is , to say the least, obsessed with her Kelpie-cross brother Frankie! Their Mum Sue sent me these two pictures of Frankie and Beryl in front of the heater:

I aint heavy and he's my brother....:-)

Check out the 4-legged hug!!!! :-)

Louie and Lucy sharing the car seat :-)

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Louie and Lucy sharing the car seat today :-) Aren't they the cutest? :-)

Two newly adopted girls in Wellington :-)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
I have just compiled some photos of two recently adopted greyhounds in Wellington region: Google (Google Magoo) and Lucy (Leumeah Miss).

Cute Google (Google Magoo) has joined the Bray family, who have already adopted one of our foster greyhounds - Sonny (Geordie Boy) :-)
Here she is in her new home- both her and her new brother Sonny are black :-)

Lucy (Leumeah Miss) now lives with Courtnay and Lisa - here is a picture of her at home, as well as some pictures of Lucy cooling down in a mud puddle after a run! :)

Rosie & Hoss visit Kindercare (April 2010)


Just got these pictures from Sharon (Rosie's Mum), who organized a visit to Kindercare Devonport (AKL), in April this year.
Rosie (Memphis Angel) and Hoss (Homebush Wayne) seem to have had a fantastic time ! (all those sticky faces to lick! :-)