Update from our foster greyhound Kev (Matrix Hero)

Monday, May 31, 2010

I just got pictures of Kev (Matrix Hero) who is a very special dog for us: he was our very first foster greyhound! :-)
He was adopted by Trisha and her family last September, and Trisha just sent me this update (thanks a million Trisha!):
Kev is doing great, and we are getting used to our first winter together. Had to laugh on the very first super cold morning when Kev jumped into the creek at the local doggy park which he always does but freaked when he realised the water temp was sooooo freezing! He hopped out so smart that I was chuckling all day. :-)
Heres some pics of our recent trip to Muriwai beach. Still trying to get a perfect pic of Kev in top gear sprinting but so hard to capture. And an after pic of Kev relaxing on his couch in the lounge. Kev and the kids are now getting used to our Japanese Quail we got last weekend, Kev is a bit bemused by them but seems to understand they are not his dinner!!!

Cynthia's foster greyhound Dave (Proud Dave)

Sunday, May 30, 2010
Dave has gone into foster care with Cynthia, where he will get to hang around with Monty The Corgi :)
As you can see on this picture, he was fast to find a dog couch (Cynthia tells me that her foster dogs are of course not allowed on the furniture as per GAP policy, but this couch is basically a dog bed, and for dogs only).
Dave obviously is so 'uncomfortable ' with idea of being a pet!!! :-)

Spot the dogs !


Beryl(Winsome Deluxe) and her brother Frankie relaxing after a morning run :-)
(picture stolen off Sue's Facebook page! :-)

Smart Bart :-)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bart's Mum Janine just sent me the cutest pictures to post here (thanks a million Janine!)
Janine and her family adopted Bart (Smart Bart) last year. He lives with Meg (Dalmatian) and Zach (cat) and will soon welcome a little black greyhound girl Jorja, who they will be picking up from the Amberley kennels this Sunday.
Janine and me were just wondering whether hounds were collectable! :-)

Our new foster greyhound Spotty (2Spot)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, for the first time ever, we have a white foster greyhound!!!! :-)
She is the waggiest, friendly , exuberant girl. She has never raced as she hurt her leg as a puppy. Spotty has never left her trainer's kennels till now - so everything is new to her!

A suburban street is party central, as far as Spotty is concerned!! :-)

She is very very trainable and loves learning new things: Rachel has just taught her to sit :-)
She is so playful and throws toys up in the air so well that they hit the ceiling. Loves stealing clothes too (we are working on that :-). She also is very puppy-like, despite being 3 years old. She tried to chew my toes!!!! LOL (we are working on that too :-)
In her forever home, she will need a job - she needs an owner who would take her to dog obedience and to Rally-O and similar things. She just loves learning new things!

They told me not to chew this sheepskin....it is hard to resist though, so i sometimes give it a good sniff instead :-)

Rachel taught me to sit :-) (Note to my future owner: I LOVE those bacon treats!!)
And she taught me to lie down too! I am THE perfect pupil ..

When is the next lesson? :-) I just love learning new things!
So many toys, so little time...

DOnt you love my ears? I look a bit like a dingo, dont you think?

Beautiful Raz (Red Rush)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Raz (Red Rush) has been recently adopted (I think only last week , and he has had a name change: he is now called Tzar (after Russian nobility title). Very fitting , i must say :-)

His new parents Corri (on the picture above, with Tzar) and Jonathan sent me two cutest pictures of their handsome boy relaxing at his new home:

I have had the pleasure of meeting Tzar in Sanson kennels - he is a stunning looking red fawn greyhound with absolutely perfect posture and manners, whose trainer Denis Schofield called him "a true gentleman" :-)
And that is not all: Tzar has been an outstanding racer, having had 77 starts and making almost $60K in stakes. I am sure he is taking on pet life in his stride, like a true professional he is!
Denis (who was my Louie's trainer too :-) sent me this gorgeous photo of Tzar winning one of the big races in Waikato (doesn't he look amazing and just having the best time?) : (you can click on the photo for full size)

An update from Mo (Moana Lawn)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My name is Mo, (aka Momo, Nosey Mosey, Missy Mo or just plain Dawg when I’m naughty, which is hardly ever :)
I ’ve been with my new family (Yvette and Craig) in New Plymouth for almost two months. How the times flies! One morning I was in the kennels, then I was whisked north to meet my new parents. It was love at first sight for this hound. My Mum says I fit into the household like fingers in a glove. I say keep the chicken carcasses coming - I really do have those humans wrapped around my paws!
It took me a few days to get used to the concept of sleeping on a big bean bag; damn these long skinny legs. Now I can’t live without it. Ahhh, such luxury. I get on well with Spider the house-cat now. At first he gave me the heebie-jeebies and chased me around the yard. I love to collect things in my bed, especially the TV remotes, my Mum’s slippers, news papers and the odd delightfully smelly sock. Human feet totally amuse me. We play this game where I try and toe-tap the human’s foot while they dance. It’s good fun. Hide and seek makes for a great game too.

My favorite possession is the leash. Upon seeing it I can’t help but do the doggie circle dance. My tail hurts from hitting things in excitement. Every walk is an adventure. I know where every cat on the street lives and I’m not afraid to tip-toe, much to my parents’ amusement, to see over that fence. It doesn’t take me long to get tired though. Of course running is one of my favorite things to do… and why not when I have my own personal race track inside the house – the hallway.
Oh and I have a coat with soccer-balls on it, which helps me make friends at my Dad’s weekly soccer matches. (Check out my pretty coat on the picture below!)

When all is said and done, I know that my new family loves me and I really do love them too. I can never get enough hugs and take up every opportunity for a bit of lovin’. I even squeeze my way between my folks when they hug. Thanks Greyhounds as Pets for matching my parents up with such an awesome dog like me.

- Mo
PS: A few more pictures of me at GAP tent during a recent market day in Bell Block, New Plymouth:

Picture of the day - Lucy on her couch

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
OK , I do like patterns.... :-)

Handsome Sonny (Geordie Boy)

Monday, May 17, 2010

I just got some cutest pictures of Sonny (Geordie Boy) from his Mum Ali (thanks a million Ali!)
Isn't Sonny the most handsome boy?

Sonny & Aaron catching some zeds

Sonny sleeping rough!!!

Who said Greyhounds are leaners ? ?
Peekaboo :-)

Harry (Harry Phoenix) - cutest pictures


Cute Harry (Harry Phoenix) has been adopted by Leanne, Shane, Regan , Sarah and Daniel from Wanganui. His Mum just sent me these cute pictures of Harry with little Daniel:

Kahn (Flyby Kahn) and his new life on Waiheke island :-)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kahn was adopted a month ago by the Bell family from Waiheke island.
Kahn's Dad Michael sent me some gorgeous pictures of Khan (Thanks Michael!) and he says:
Kahn has bonded strongly with all the family. He loves tearing up and down Waiheke beaches and has mesmerised a few of the other local dog walkers with his enchanting eyes. We dont have cats, but Kahn is super cat friendly, even sharing his food bowl with the neighbours two cheeky kittens. :-)
He is a joy to be around and a welcome addition to the family. :-)

Ashley and Berlin (Twirly Berly)


Above: Glamour girl Berlin :-)

Ashley Bradshaw works for Gary Cleeve, a Canterbury greyhound trainer who is also a great supporter of GAP. And now -she also has a greyhound blog!!!!!!!!

A while ago, she adopted retired greyhounds from Gary: Berlin and Spider, who are now living in luxury at Ashley's place and are great Greyhound As Pets supporters, helping to find homes for other retired racers.

Berlin's littermates George ( Chile Command), Flynn (Crafty Flynn) , Swift (Know When), Chloe (Persuasion), have all been given to GAP and now are happily living in their retirement homes. :-)

Berlin recently came into to season and Ashley decided to try her hand at whelping, rearing and racing a litter of her own puppies. :-)
She has started a blog, where she will make regular posts on how things are going so that people that own retired greyhounds can see what it took to get their greys to the track and to become pets.

I have already registered to follow Ashley's blog, link is here:

I cant resist posting these pictures Ashley sent me -it is her and Berlin winning the look-alike contest at the Bark In The Park recently :-) (Ashley had actually died her hair pinbk for the occassion!)
LOVE the wig!!!!!!!!! I need one for Lucy!