Meeting with Bridgette and Lilly :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Lilly, Kuma thr Akita and Bridgettewith their Dad Stu
A few days ago, Nightrave pack met with gorgeous Bridgette ( Bardo's Angel) and Lilly (Riri Megumi), who now live only a few blocks away from us!
Gorgeous girls now live with their Dad Stu, and new brother Kuma The Akita.

We took loads of pictures:
Bridgette and our homestay greyhound Ray (Scott A Missus)

Gorgeuous Bridgette (Riri Megumi)
My beautiful Louie (Charlston State) thought that Stu had LOADS of potential: "You look like a man who coudl take me racing...? "
Rachel with Bridgette and Lilly :)
Stu told us that 12yr old Kuma got a new lease of life since Bridgette and Lilly arrived :)
Lilly and Ray , with Stu and Kuma in the background
Rachel with Chevy (Cheverton), Lucy (Nightrave Ferret), Ray (Scott A Missus) and Louie (Charlston State)
Precious Lilly and her brother Kuma :)
Bridgette :)

Meet the Nightrave racing doggies!

Saturday, January 12, 2013
Hello, I am Hannah (All The Milk)
Yesterday I went to visit our Nightrave racing girls, who are currently in the 'racing school' in Waikato. It was a very exciting experience - we have been planning to add racing dogs to our pack for a while now - and finally, it is happening!

And I am Stella (All The Coco) !
Hannah (fawn) and Stella (black and white) are 14 months old litter sisters, who travelled all the way from Rangiora after they got accepted into the racing school run by the lovely Mike Lozell.We have already chosen their racing names too - Hannah's racing name is 'All The Milk' and Stella's is 'All The Coco' :)
Mike and Stella (who looks brown LOL :) Both girls still have thick fluffy southern puppy coats :)
Mike was a great sport helping me get some pictures
Hannah looks like a dingo -complete with EARS!
Yup -dingo!
 I took loads of pictures, however most turned out blurry - greyhound puppies are very energetic! I am always amazed how different young greyhounds are compared to a seasoned racing dog or a retired racer - they are like energizer bunnies, never standing still!
 Stella and Hannah love their training  - they have already been chasing the lure in the paddocks and loving it. Nothing as happy as young dogs with jobs :)

Most of my photos turned out like this!!
and this! :)
Girls have been amusing themselves by digging holes :)
Hannah's and Stella's Mum is gorgeous Felicity (Know Desire), an accomplished racing dog (98 starts for 16 wins and 31 placings).  Girls' Grandma is famous Love Of History. Here are some pictures of Felicity:

Felicity with Cate at the racing track in September 2009.
Felicity in retirement :)
Dad is Scotty (Scotexcited) - an amazing dog with a great personality, great looks, great racing career and a fantastic pedigree.
Scotexcited, the girls' Dad! (picture taken off Ashley's blog , link below)
 Scotty had 75 starts for 24 wins and 18 placings. He won over $64,000 in stake money. I copied some of Scotty's stats from Ashley's blog:
Winner of 2007 NZ Derby; Colin Gray Memorial 545m Ascot Park; 2006 Dunedin Cup;
2nd 2007 NEW ZEALAND SHOOTOUT 527m Auckland.
By top sire Excitability, Scotexcited is from the outstanding brood bitch Groovy
Jewel and is a brother to Australian group performer Indian Larry, NZ stayer Groovy Again , and a half brother to top performers Cool Groovy, Groovy Finance, Groovy Shot, Groovy Eye, Scott No Track etc. You can see more of Scotty's pictures on

We'll bring you more updates from the racing pups as they grow up and get closer to beginning their careers. Fingers crossed!

Postcards from Ray (Scott A Missus)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Beautiful Ray (Scott A Missus) is staying with us while his Mum and Dad are away. He's having a lovely time!

Ray enjoying a juicy venison bone. He's wearing a waterproof collar due to his new hobby: making mud-pies!!

Ray's favourite spot in the garden: best suited to the biggest,
 tastiest mud-pies there are!!
Ray enjoys a stretch in the sun
A key ingredient in mud-pies is WATER! When not in the garden,
Ray likes to cool off in the paddling pool and play boats with his fluffy toys!
Ray heads off for a walk with members of the Nightrave pack.

Ray enjoys playtime with Aunty Rach at a nearby park

A hard day of making mud pies ends with a well-earned dinner. Maybe time for another round after supper, or at least a chance for a pre-bedtime snooze. Another action-packed day tomorrow!