Today's cute pictures: Irene and her hounds Wolfie and Delta

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Irene just posted these on her Facebook page -cutest pictures of her hounds Wolfie (Ratchet) and Delta (Thrilling Delta).
Delta is a black girl, Wolfie is a brindle boy :-)

Our foster dog #3: Sonny (Geordie Boy)

Saturday, December 26, 2009
Cute Sonny (Geordie Boy) is our Christmas foster greyhound :-) He has been with us since Monday this week, and he has already made himself at home, and participated in our Christmas do's :-)
He is only 2, very puppy-like and boiseterous :-) Very very cute, with a gorgeous smile :-)
Below: Sonny and Louie (Charlston State)

Below: Parallel hounds :-)
Below: with his new friend Jordan :-)

ANd with his spaniel friend Indy:

Chilling out with Louie:

Batman (Aussie Opawa) in his new home with Matt and Shizuka

Thursday, December 17, 2009
I just got an update from Shizuka and Matt from Canterbury, who have adopted Batman (Aussie Opawa) from GAP (South Island Kennels).

Now, Batman is not just any greyhound - he was very famous racing greyhound: He has won huge stakes (over $133K) and also $60K in a single race.

Here are articles about him in the media:
In New Zealand Herald - Racing: Aussie Opawa steps up
Auckland Greyhound Racing Club news

Below is Batman in his new home, enjoying his well-deserved retirement : :-)

Batman's new parents wrote:
Batman has been here over 3 weeks now. He has learned a lot, how to get in get out from car, how to use steps etc.
He loves his bed and blanket so he spends a lot of time there.
He loves walking so we do morning and evening walk every day.
Also, he likes to chew beef bones and play with his ball. :-)
We are enjoying him, Thank you GAP! Matt and Shizuka Cornelius

Picture of the day: Bert (Bintang Bert) and his friend Tristan

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
SO cute!!!

I got the picture off Patricia's blog. Patricia lives in Christchurch with her two kids, and she also has two retired racers: Bert, and Bella (Bouncen Blitzem).

Check out her blog:

Has to be seen to be believed - Robyn Bowry's lounge :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009
We went to Robyn's place last weekend to do the greyhound run, and afterwards, i could not resist taking pictures of her lounge; she currently has six greyhounds staying at her place: two of hers, two foster dogs, and two dogs who belong to a GAP owner who is away at the moment.

It is amazing: there are 6 greyhounds in Robyn's immaculate lounge, and their beds are lined all the way accross one wall! :-)

:-) SO CUTE! :) (you can click on pictures for full size, or to download)

And at night: wall to wall greyhounds :-)

and last but not the least, Robyn's 'Maxi The Taxi' trying out the PAWZ dog boots (he hates them!LOL):

Louie in the car :-)

Road trip! Road trip!

Littermates Louie and Tonto meeting again :-)

Sunday, December 6, 2009
Louie (Charlston State) and Tonto (My Charlston) met again today, at the GAP run at Jacqui's :-) They are littermates, who grew up together, raced together, and are both GAP greyhounds now. After not seeing each other for 2 years, they met again today, it was so lovely to see them together again :-)
Tonto is cute as a button, and very handsome, just like his brother :-). He lives in Wellington with his humans Duncan, Miranda, Lucy and Hamish, and his greyhound sister Tui.

Check out the pictures:

Below: Louie on the left, Tonto on the right

Below: Louie, Tonto and Tonto's sister Tui:

Below: Lucy and Louie (Lucy was particularly excited about meeting Louie):

Below: Duncan with Tui, Tonto and Louie

Pictures of the day - Cruzer (Charlston Kid) and Enzo (Micro Benny)

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Cruzer (Charlston Kid) was adopted by Helen from Auckland 2 years ago. His former trainers, Denis and Pam Schofield visited him at his new home recently, and Helen sent me the pictures (thanks Helen!).
Check out this cute picture of Cruzer and Pam:

Cruzer recently got a brand new brother, also a GAP greyhound - Enzo (Micro Benny).
Just like Cruzer, Enzo was a great racer. They both are now living the high life in Torbay (AKL), with their cat Willi, Mum Helen and Uncle Lincoln.
Cruzer and Enzo are both black and white and look like littermates - as their Mum likes to say, they are 'perfectly matching'! And, they are both SERIOUSLY good-looking (on the picture below,Enzo is looking to the left, Cruzer to the right):

And one more picture of each 'male model':