Postcards from our homestay greyhound Mila (Bronze For Macos)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Mila with her new favourite toy, the fluffy squirrel :)
 She found this toy somewhere in the house and fell in love with it :)
Cute Mila (Bronze For Macos) is staying with us for a few weeks, while her family are on the holiday overseas.
I thought to post some pictures of her here, so that her parents can see how their clever girl is doing :)

Mila is an old friend: she used to be our foster greyhound, right after she retired in August 2010. She stayed with us for around two months then, before she went to live with Rachael and Michael in Wellington. We have always kept in touch  ; it is always lovely to have our ex-foster greyhounds come to stay with us! Mila certainly remembered our house, and the garden, and the routine -she fitted in like she never left :)
Mila has always been very dog-social and has made friends with everybody immediately- her new best friend is our Misha (Bodhran Cailin). It was friendship at first sight -these two girls are very similar, and click great:

Mila and Misha running at our local dog club :)
Mila , like all our homestay greyhounds, attends Rally O and CGC classes at our local Dog Club in Feilding, and she really enjoys them. When classes are not on, Mila loves running in our dog club, together with her friends from our pack::
Mila with her half-brother Yellow (Gold For Thys)
Off we go!
Misha and Mila having a short break with Emma :)
With a new friend :)
And after the run - the best way to relax is in front of the fire with her bestie Misha!