Ribbons all round at RallyO in Feilding

Thursday, August 8, 2013
The Nightrave Pack spent last weekend at the NZARO (NZ Association of Rally Obedience) Expo at Feilding - and they did so well!!

In the photo below is only part of the haul of ribbons and certificates: Lucy The Ferret, Toby The Bichon Friese  (Nightrave Lure) and Yellow (Gold For Thys):

Chilling out after coming home :)
Misha (Bodhran Cailin) and Chevy (Cheverton) also competed, with great results.

Shoutout also goes to our friend Rebecca Conole who had awesome results with her greyhounds Blondie (Fancy Kate), Priceless (Fancy Freda) and Lola (Kinetic Flyer). Rebecca also took these lovely photos of Rachel, Lucy and Yellow (thanks a million Rebecca!):

Rachel and Yellow, who had a perfect run again :)
Lucy and Rachel at agility course. The Ferret is getting more and more into agility :)