Our beautiful Yellow (Gold For Thys) passes his CGC Foundations exam today !

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rachel and Yellow (Gold For Thys)
Our beautiful Yellow (Gold For Thys) had a great day at Horowhenua Dog Show today: he passed his Canine Good Citizen Foundations exam (CGC), on the first try, making him the fifth member of Nightrave pack to pass this exam on the first try! Number six Chevy (Cheverton) is still training for this exam :)

We are very proud of Yellow - he is a great example and great ambassador for retired racers. We did expect him to do well in this exam as he is already working at the Silver CGC level , however you never know what might happen on the day. Yellow will sit his Bronze CGC exam in October, so watch this space!
Not too bad for a greyhound who failed GAP (Greyhounds As Pets NZ ) 'temperament test'. Quotation marks are there by design -this is a dog who passes CGC on the FIRST try, who is an amazing pet and amazing obedience dog, yet he was on a death row in GAP NZ  - a greyhound retirement programme. Sad but true.
We were able to rescue Yellow from GAP's ridiculous verdict due to our friends inside GAP -we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts, althought we cannot name them here for obvious reasons. Yellow will continue to do great things for his breed -and we are so fortunate to have been able to adopt him. If he was  euthanized by GAP - retired racers would have lost a lot of positive exposure and good press. Yellow is well known in most dog clubs in Lower North Island and we know for sure that a number of people have decided to look into adopting a retired racer after meeting our beautiful Yellow. And that in itself is precious.
We do hope that GAP will learn something from this, and we encourage them to follow Yellow's superb obedience career. They owe that to the dogs they claim to love.

Yellow taking his exam :)
(To find out more details about this course and exam, as well to see the list of clubs offering it, please go to NZ Kennel Club website: http://www.nzkc.org.nz/goodcitizen.html )

Our friend Rebecca was there with her two greyhounds, Blondie and Lola, and they both passed the exam too - congratulations girls, from all of us at Nightrave ! Below is the picture of Rachel and Rebecca with three greyhounds who took part in the today's show:

Cate from Marshall Images was there today day taking pictures of greyhounds at this event - thank you so much Cate! We hear that next issue of "NZ Dog World" magazine will feature Cate's photographs of greyhounds doing their CGC exams - this is great news and so amazing for the breed promotion!

Here are some more of her gorgeous photos:
Yellow's recall test :)

Another one of Rachel and Rebecca with Lola, Blondie and Yellow , who was too tired to sit at this stage  :)
Yellow at his tied stay part of test (dog is tied up and is expected to stay calm and wait for his handler;
dog is not allowed to bark, strain the lead, jump, or become in any way distressed)
Blondie (Fancy Kate) had a rest on top of her Dad Tristan!
Yellow used every spare second to do some posing :)


Stu Ridgley said...

Huge congrats Yellow :) your such a good boy :) :) .. :) and such a lovely fun big goof the beach :) :)
Your mums must be hugely proud of you for being such a clever man :)
Amazing dog and such a lovely nature :).. have a hell of a lot of time for Yellow :) :)