Update for Jonty's Fan Club!

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Jonty and his new Dad Jim :)
 We were a bit unorganized and never posted an update on our ex-foster boy Jonty (Ultimate Dream) on the blog -  we  have posted it on our Facebook page, but we still get asked about Jonty all the time, by both his online admirers, and his local Fan Club in Feilding. :)
Jonty was certainly one of our most popular fosters - we have had many adoption applications for this boy, and people in our Dog Club still remember him :)

Jonty went to live in Hunterville with Wendy, Jim and Jack The Ginger Cat on 16th of February. Wendy and Jim had recently lost their beautiful greyhound Corey (Ravaillac) to Cushing's Disease, and their JR Lauchie went shorty after due to old age. Wendy and Jim fell in love with Jonty after meeting him at our place  -and he joined them shortly after at their lovely rural property in Hunterville.
Jonty is apparently besotted with his dad Jim and would go to the end of the earth for him, so long it is not scary for the not so brave Jonty :) While Jonty is the only dog at his home, he has made friends with a neighbour's Jack Russell :
Wendy says that neighbours' Jack Russell comes to play, stay, eat the food...He loves hanging out with Jonty. Sometimes he goes home! :)
We do plan to feature Jonty in an article we write for "On Track" magazine - we will do a proper photoshoot for that, so watch this space! :)