Update from Mr Popular - Thrilling Blitz

Thursday, July 3, 2014

First day at new home in Blenheim
 After advertising handsome Blitzy (Thrilling Blitz) up for rehoming, we had dozens and dozens of enqueries (thank you all who called  and emailed). In the end, Blitzy travelled to Blenheim, where he now lives with Steve, who sent us these gorgeous photos of clearly very content boy :) Steve said Blitzy has settled in great in his new home.

Steve is the Director of Marlborough Museum (http://marlboroughmuseum.org.nz), and apparently Blitzy might even come to work with him sometimes!

Check out Blitzy's massive bed:

 And just for fun, this is Blitzy and his trainer Steve Clark after winning Taranaki Cup in 2013: