Some pictures of Nightrave retired greyhounds :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
We have not been updating this blog recently (so sorry about that!), we keep running out of time and usually update only our Facebook page instead.
We are however still comitted to this blog and we will do our best to update it more frequently.
By the way - our Facebook page is PUBLIC, which means you don't have to have a Facebook account to have a look at it. So, for daily updates, just click on the link above :)

Although Nightrave was not initially set up as a rehoming programme, we have found ourselves helping a few trainers to find loving and responsible homes for their retired racers. Some of the dogs we  advertised on this blog, some only on our Facebook page, and some were not advertised at all. They have all found loving homes :) We thought to share some of their photos here:

Havoc (Thrilling Havoc) now lives in Wellington and loves exploring local walks :)

Smily Jade (Sydenham Jade) now lives in Whangaparaoa :) her sister Sydenham Opal has just arrived to Nightrave and will be available for adoption soon

Tommy (Captain Osti) cockroaching in his retirement home in Palmerston North

Mickey (Kinetic Neo) sharing a couch with a friend in his new home in Auckland
Pixie (Pixie Snow Flake) and her mate Jack The Jr. These two matching cuties live in Halcombe

Polar (Polar Snow White) and his Dad Wayne :) They live in Upper Hutt

Khan (Darlek Khan ) and his sister Lilly (Virbunum) live in Auckland :)

Gorgeous Blitzy (Thrilling Blitz) lives in Nelson with his Dad Steve and Marcel The Teddy :)
Blitzy also has his own Facebook page:
Tigger (Armour) at his home in Palmerston North

Jake (Xtra Large) with his Mum in Palmerston North
Beautiful Jack (Ritza Jack) in his home in Upper Hutt

Bruce (Radiator Springs) now lives with Marina and Alister in Palmerston North
Cute Shadow (Bound By Pride) and one of his many friends. Shadow lives with his Mum Helen in Palmerston North and they have already passed the Canine Good Citizen exam :)
Gracie (Fancy Mel) and her Mum Anne live in New Plymouth