Auckland Santa Parade - 29th November 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

(Above: Boxer (Allegro Comet) and fairies! :-)

Beautiful Auckland hounds took part in Santa Parade in Auckland yesterday. Didn't they look just fantastic??? :-) Love their cute red vests and huge grins :-) All the hounds looked so happy. Enjoy the gorgeous photos! (you can click on them for large size)

Below: Jo with Boxer (Allegro Comet), Atlanta with Hero (Thrilling Jim) and Lisa with Buddy (Our Smart Buddy) and DB (Dancing Banshee)

Below: Mojca and Uros with Oscar (Kalden Kaos)

Below: Alistair with Lennox (Roman Leader)

Below: Lucy (Nancy's Wish) and her humans :-)

Below: Green Fairy Dr Cass Byrnes with Summer (Aranui Diamond) -LOVE THE OUTFIT!

Below: Michelle with Barney (Cool Customer), Helen with Cruzer (Charlston Kid) and Debs with Hoss (Homebush Wayne)

and Michelle and Barney:

Below: Elizabeth Sharp and Paulie :-)

The Sharps: