Suzie, Danny and Nikki

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today's feature post: Nikki and her two hounds Suzie and Danny.
Nikki says:
Several years before GAP was started our local paper printed a photo of a greyhound on death row at the pound. I waited two whole days before I rang and went to meet her. Suzie came home with me that day :-) She had been dumped in the back of beyond and was very lucky to have been caught and not shot by the owner of the farm she was found on.

A year later I heard of another grey looking for a new home, this time a retired racer. So, Danny (Cecilia Tony) came to live with us too.

I had never met a greyhound before, had no real idea of their temperament, and didn’t know how they would be with my cats. I also breed beagles and basset hounds and didn’t know how they would cope with very young puppies.

I soon learnt that Suzie wasn’t great with cats but was fine with the puppies. She is not a barker, LOVES her bed, and is extremely lazy. She adapted to living in the house as if she was born to it and has always been clean inside.

Danny loves to chase cats as well so we have adapted our house to cats in the front half and dogs in the back half. It has worked well. Danny has 2 speeds – very fast and dead slow. He is not the brightest dog but he is such a sweetheart it really doesn’t matter. He is fantastic with puppies, they can chew on his ankles (the only thing they can reach) and he just lifts his legs up. It is very funny to watch when he has a puppy on each ankle!

Both dogs are a delight to live with and are actually very obedient. My mother-in-law left the gate open one day and Danny took the opportunity to run off and catch one of my free-range chickens. He took off down the driveway and I had no chance of catching him so just called him. He came straight back and I removed the chicken from his mouth. She was a bit soggy but totally unharmed :-)
I have no regrets about adopting them.

Below: Suzy and her little Beagle friend :-)

Below: Danny and his Beagle puppies :-)