Batman (Aussie Opawa) in his new home with Matt and Shizuka

Thursday, December 17, 2009
I just got an update from Shizuka and Matt from Canterbury, who have adopted Batman (Aussie Opawa) from GAP (South Island Kennels).

Now, Batman is not just any greyhound - he was very famous racing greyhound: He has won huge stakes (over $133K) and also $60K in a single race.

Here are articles about him in the media:
In New Zealand Herald - Racing: Aussie Opawa steps up
Auckland Greyhound Racing Club news

Below is Batman in his new home, enjoying his well-deserved retirement : :-)

Batman's new parents wrote:
Batman has been here over 3 weeks now. He has learned a lot, how to get in get out from car, how to use steps etc.
He loves his bed and blanket so he spends a lot of time there.
He loves walking so we do morning and evening walk every day.
Also, he likes to chew beef bones and play with his ball. :-)
We are enjoying him, Thank you GAP! Matt and Shizuka Cornelius