Has to be seen to be believed - Robyn Bowry's lounge :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009
We went to Robyn's place last weekend to do the greyhound run, and afterwards, i could not resist taking pictures of her lounge; she currently has six greyhounds staying at her place: two of hers, two foster dogs, and two dogs who belong to a GAP owner who is away at the moment.

It is amazing: there are 6 greyhounds in Robyn's immaculate lounge, and their beds are lined all the way accross one wall! :-)

:-) SO CUTE! :) (you can click on pictures for full size, or to download)

And at night: wall to wall greyhounds :-)

and last but not the least, Robyn's 'Maxi The Taxi' trying out the PAWZ dog boots (he hates them!LOL):