Postcards from Ray (Scott A Missus)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Beautiful Ray (Scott A Missus) is staying with us while his Mum and Dad are away. He's having a lovely time!

Ray enjoying a juicy venison bone. He's wearing a waterproof collar due to his new hobby: making mud-pies!!

Ray's favourite spot in the garden: best suited to the biggest,
 tastiest mud-pies there are!!
Ray enjoys a stretch in the sun
A key ingredient in mud-pies is WATER! When not in the garden,
Ray likes to cool off in the paddling pool and play boats with his fluffy toys!
Ray heads off for a walk with members of the Nightrave pack.

Ray enjoys playtime with Aunty Rach at a nearby park

A hard day of making mud pies ends with a well-earned dinner. Maybe time for another round after supper, or at least a chance for a pre-bedtime snooze. Another action-packed day tomorrow!