Meeting with Bridgette and Lilly :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Lilly, Kuma thr Akita and Bridgettewith their Dad Stu
A few days ago, Nightrave pack met with gorgeous Bridgette ( Bardo's Angel) and Lilly (Riri Megumi), who now live only a few blocks away from us!
Gorgeous girls now live with their Dad Stu, and new brother Kuma The Akita.

We took loads of pictures:
Bridgette and our homestay greyhound Ray (Scott A Missus)

Gorgeuous Bridgette (Riri Megumi)
My beautiful Louie (Charlston State) thought that Stu had LOADS of potential: "You look like a man who coudl take me racing...? "
Rachel with Bridgette and Lilly :)
Stu told us that 12yr old Kuma got a new lease of life since Bridgette and Lilly arrived :)
Lilly and Ray , with Stu and Kuma in the background
Rachel with Chevy (Cheverton), Lucy (Nightrave Ferret), Ray (Scott A Missus) and Louie (Charlston State)
Precious Lilly and her brother Kuma :)
Bridgette :)


jet said...

we met those too at Beryl and Frankie's when we came to visit and they were in foster care, I am so happy they have found a new home gorgeous girls they are!