Postcards from Princess Holly :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Holly resting :)
Gorgeous Holly (Thrilling Holly) is staying with us for a few weeks, while her family are on the holiday overseas.
I thought to post some pictures of her here, so that her parents can see how their precious girl is doing :)
Holly is a true princess - she LOVES finer things in life. At first she was a bit fussy with food, but our venison stock and Purina Shredded blend quickly fixed that - she is eating like a horse now!
 She goes walkies with our pack, and also attends Canine Good Citizen classes with them  :) Holly is very very waggy, happy, clever doggie :) It is a pleasure to have her stay with our pack for a month .
(you can click on pictures to see full size)

Holly with her new friend Sam The Samoyed
With Emma and the pack in our fully fenced dog club
Holly with Yellow (Gold For Thys)
With our Cobby (Cawbourne Snowy)

Hanging out in the garden with Yellow and Sam