Bella and her Polo career!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
We just got the cutest pictures from Susan from Auckland, who owns lovely Bella (Punk Scooter).
Apparently, this summer Bella has been very busy with days spent socialising at Polo! As always she’s a great hit with the English players & grooms, who are mad about greyhounds & lurchers!!
Bella will be very disappointed when the season comes to an end after the Final tomorrow. Meanwhile at the semi final at Clevedon today, she had her photo taken with the star of this season’s final...the International Player, 8 High Goaler, Ignatius du Plessis. She is related (through Susan) to the team player James Worker from Team Veuve Clicquot & her photo was taken with him & some of his horses, who were unwinding after winning the match.
Thanks you so much Susan for these photos! Bella, as always, looks gorgeous! :)


Greyhounds for sale said...

Haha that is awesome, see greys really do have better careers after racing! Nice pic sincerely!