George (Chile Command) , Sally and family

Thursday, January 28, 2010

George (Chile Command) was adopted by Sally from Wellington a month ago, after being fostered by Margaret Judd from Auckland.
He is a gorgeous BIG boy (39kg!!!) with a long racing career under his belt (76 starts).
George's new Mum Sally wrote:

Its been just over a month since George arrived. He has settled in well and is just so easy to love. He's very cuddly and affectionate, and never tires of resting his head on a lap to be stroked. And he's gorgeous looking, with his big "take me home and love me" eyes and soft floppy ears.

Below: George and Melissa

He enjoys his daily walks and is very well-mannered on the lead. Two of our three cats quickly realised that he turns away rather than confront them and something of a truce occurred. The third cat still steers well clear of him (though George hasn't done anything to cause this) but still appears for meals and sleeps inside every night. So no dramas on the cat front.

George has been to his first GAP get-together at Robyn's (should I say Maxi's?) in Otaki, He was so excited when he saw the other greyhounds through the car window and quivered with anticipation waiting his turn to go into the paddock. He had a fantastic time, dashing around with the group and generally having heaps of fun.

He enjoys 'supervising' kitchen preparations (probably checking to see what leftovers might be on offer later) and likes his food. The chicken frames we bought through Robyn have been a huge hit.

Thanks so much to George's trainer for placing him in the GAP programme, to Margaret in Auckland for a brilliant foster-mum job, and to Elizabeth, Irene, Sonja and Robyn for their help matching us with George and welcoming us into the world of greyhound owners. We've met really friendly, helpful people at the GAP get-togethers and encourage any prospective owners reading this to go for it!