Indie and Claire

Friday, January 15, 2010

Claire Thornton is a GAP Coordinator for Kapiti, proud owner of GAP greyhpund Indie (Indigo Coal) , as well as foster carer for GAP . She sent lovely pictures of her Indie and a writeup below (thanks Claire!):

After my beautiful dog Lillie passed away (of cancer) in January 2009 I knew I wanted to adopt a greyhound. However, I wasn't quite ready so I decided to foster instead, mainly because I wanted to help GAP and the dogs involved in the program but also to have a little playmate for my dog Kammy.

After I promised my hubby I was not going to adopt every greyhound I fostered (and of course I have wanted to adopt them all!!) I met Indie. She was super skinny, had the worst dandruff and skin, and a huge overbite; I loved her on the spot and knew she was mine. I adopted a little foxy cross one week later (she needed me) so Indie has a large family of dogs and kids to live with.

I also became the Area coordinator in Kapiti for GAP so my Indie puts on her GAP coat and off we go. She's done school and kindy visits, galas, expos, race days and fundraising and she is always calm, gentle and loving to everyone. She loves her doggie family and they all play, sleep and get into trouble together and she's fantastic with the kids.
She is my joy every day. She's the biggest cuddle monster in the world and we all love her to bits :-)