GAP Misses the Mark for Millie

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My name's Millie (Millie Swanson), and last week a good friend of mine, Horse (Whanganui), decided to try out pet life and entered GAP.
Me in my kennel next to Horse, wondering just how this was all going to play out...

He's kinda cute, so after a little consideration, I decided I'd go along too. Even though I knew I'd miss my mum (trainer Jen Harland) and all my friends at home.

Well, the kennel wasn't quite what I expected. I *did* meet a lot of hot guys, but none of them were interested in settling down. They were all WAY more excited about meeting their brand new families than they were about ME. Can you imagine???

Me, wondering just what a girl has to do to get some service around here...

I passed my test with flying colours (of course) and I even made friends with the cats. Although they were a little haughty, I thought Bailey might give me some shampoo tips… she's so soft! While my own coat's beautiful, I've been trying *forever* to find a conditioner that really, really works.

It was on day two that the reality of the situation set in. This was no day spa – I was here to be rehomed!! Naturally I didn't cry (who wants running mascara on her white face, hey?) but you have NO idea how relieved I was to be summoned to the office.

Irene's a great listener, but no-one can replace Mum!

The girls had news for me! My mum missed me so much, she'd asked for me back!
Naturally, I agreed immediately. I've heard many greyhounds find lovely new forever pet homes, and good luck to them, I say.
Don't worry Mum!! I'm already packed!

I caught a ride to Wanganui track with nice Fatima from GAP, and it didn't take me long to find Mum! Thanks, GAP, for a fun adventure. But for me – I'm staying home with Mum from now on.

Me and My Mum at Wanganui track

Back home with my best mate Bronze (Dreams of Vision).


Pat said...

I have met this lovely little doggie, she is just so sweet, no wonder mum wanted her to come home. This story made me cry!!!