Meet Tino (Request Funding)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Tino (Request Funding) is a lovely dog, currently being fostered by us. His owner and trainer, GAP volunteer Anthony Stone, was kind enough to send me the following about Tino's time as Anthony's first and much-loved racing dog:
I have been involved with GAP for about 4 years now, firstly as a volunteer and currently as Area Co-ordinator for the Hutt Valley and always wondered what it was like on the “other side”; when I say the “other side” I mean greyhound racing. Sure I had seen lots of retired racers enjoying their life after racing, but what was it really like to own my own racing dog? 
About 18 months ago I got my owner trainers license and was on the hunt for a dog - shortly after I purchased Tino (Request Funding), a 32kg black and white boy owned by Tony Valentic and David Scott. Tino's trainers were Nathan and Angela Udy, and Hayden McCracken.

Tino had trialled at the racetrack a few times and was nearly ready for his first race.
On the 4th of May 2011 Tino had his first race, I think he was a bit shell shocked at all the commotion and ended up coming 5th, even so watching your very own dog race makes your heart pound, the speed, the power is amazing.
Tino continued to race regularly until the 3rd of August 2012 till he retired due to an ongoing niggling minor injury. Altogether Tino had 55 races. Of these he won 9, came 2nd four times and 3rd five times, with prize money of $9,133.50

Tino relaxing in his kennel thinking about his next race!

Tino is not the only dog I have trained and raced, I also have Lucy (Ya Gunna) who I retired to the couch on the 18th November 2011. Here she is with Tino:

Tino and Lucy

I thoroughly enjoy greyhound racing and am planning to breed a litter next time Lucy comes into season, this way I get to name my own racedogs! :)
 Anthony's daughter Samantha helped with handling and training Tino, and she wrote this about her special boy:
 Tino is a very special dog as he was our very first racing dog. He has been used to living in the lap of luxury -- as well as performing on the racetrack he lived in the house with us along with our pets. He was very easy to housetrain and he has never had an accident inside.
Tino is a lovely dog, who will fit well into a family. He is smart, cuddly, affectionate and extremely handsome. Tino will happily sleep all day on his bed while everything goes on around him. He’s a dream to walk on a lead and could even be walked around the block by me whilst I was on crutches (he’s just that easy). Tino would live happily as an only dog or with another dog as he is very social and loves to play. His favourite toy is his "Squeaky Mallard Duck" and he especially enjoys throwing it around and fetching it at the park.
I’ll be extremely happy to see him go to his forever home and the family who adopts this gorgeous boy will definitely have something special!"
Tino's a confident boy who loves walks and geting out and about