Update from Kenzo (Awesome Voyage)

Monday, October 29, 2012
Kenzo and Pat :)
Gorgeous Kenzo (Awesome Voyage) now lives with Patricia and her four cats in Taumaranui, Waikato.

We just got an update from Pat:

I first became infatuated with greyhounds quite by chance: I was working in the local garden centre when one day a van pulled up out the back. I could see dogs in it so I asked the lady what sort of dogs she had in her van.  She replied that they were racing greyhounds -and of course I asked if I could see them. That was it, I was totally totally smitten after being licked to bits by Pinup Puppy, a huge beautiful blue hound raced by Jennifer Harland and Grame Clarke (famous Clarkie :).

Jennifer suggested  I had a look at the Gap website and then it was all on!  Sonja and Irene at GAP were amazing and matched me with Kenzo. I picked him up in March 2012 and brought him home to Taumarunui. He had several homes already, mainly as he didn’t like small children, but neither do I so it was  a match made in heaven haha!!

It took him quite some time to settle, we had issues with a sensitive stressy stomach, but now he seems to have realised that he is staying here for good and he has relaxed so much and is really enjoying life. He lives with four cats, the two older ones just ignore him and sometimes sit in the doorway and won’t let him inside( the meanies) but the other 2 younger ones are great fun to chase, until they stop and turn around and face up to him, then he skids to a halt and wanders off as if to say “well, I wasn’t chasing them really”. He is the most loving and adorable hound, he is very polite and calm.
He just adores his spot next to the log burner and won’t go to bed without his jammies on. He has a huge toy collection which he keeps in his bed, woe betide any that escape, they are rounded up and brought to heel.
Kenzo's toy collection :)

He is also a dab hand at counter surfing, (the theif!!), and steals the cats bikkies too!  I cannot imagine life without this wonderful hound, he gives so much and asks for very little in return. He is a much loved doggie. 

Kenzo's new car (click on the photo to see full size and check out the license plate)

Modelling new pyjamas :)