Look at Lindy (Dream On Cyrus) :)

Monday, December 10, 2012
Queen Lindy Lou :)
Jan from Napier just sent me these gorgeous photos of her girl Lindy (Dream On Cyrus) -thank you so much Jan!
 Lindy was an amazing racing greyhound  -she also had a litter of puppies after her racing career :) I think our good friend Clarkie whelped that litter  - i will doublecheck that (watch this space! :)

Her new Mum Jan says:

My Lindy is absolutely perfect. She is a very quick learner. She knows "wait" which is what I used when I open her car door before going for walk and for when I want her to wait inside while I go out to the car (we have no garage, car parked on road). It only took a couple of days for her to work that one out but on the odd occasion when I open the gate I see her head poking around the corner of the porch lol . She also knows "What does Lindy want" means she is going to get a treat but only if she takes me to her treat bag in the laundry. lol lol And she also knows if she is lying on her bed and I decide to give her a treat she musn't get up when she hears the zip of her bag open, so she waits patiently on her bed, ears perked and looks just sooooooooooooo cute when I come out of the kitchen to her.

My grand daughter's partner's wee boy keeps thinking Lindy is cold as when she is gooey and happy her wee teeth chatter away and the sides of her mouth shake and quiver. :)  There is a couple of times a day, most days, when she goes crazy and this is when we play with Lambie. It only lasts a few mins each time and this is just what Greyhounds do.

We met Chester (Ginger Biscuit) today and after talking to Chester's parents we worked out it was Chester I saw at the Horse of the Year show back in 2010. Chester's Dad said he sort of remembers me as I was there for quite a while AND came back for more pats. HAHA!

My grand daughter bought a 3 month old Shitzu, Riley, the day I got Lindy and they are becoming good friends. When Lindy is fed up with him she gives him a little nip on the ear but he doesn't always take any notice. Lindy just loves meeting small dogs on our walks, very social but she does not like big dogs at all and gives a few barks to tell them to stay away I think. Not sure so what I am doing is when I see one I get Lindy to run and I talk to her all the time, distracting her and the last couple of times it has worked :-) But when she met Chester the greyhound she was fine.  :)
Lindy and her little friend Riley

To sum up, I love LindyLou more every day. She is just so gorgeous. Absolutely perfect for me. She has fitted in perfectly.  She is great with children in fact she is just little miss PERFECT :-)
We often get stopped when walking as people want to pat her or ask me questions about her so I tell them all about retired racing greyhounds   :-) 

Update 17th December: we just heard from Clarkie and yes, he has whelped Lindy's litter :) AND -he owns three of her puppies, who are being trained for racing. He sent us the picture of one of them, Polar: