Rest home visit :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Cobby (Cawbourne Snowy) is a natural  -  gentle, calm, polite and loving.
Residents absolutely adored him. I handled him myself as handlers must be with dogs at all times -
but I must say, he would have done this all on his own. He just KNOWS what to do :)
On Thursday this week, our area's Canine Friends(Feilding) organized a visit to a local retirent home.
To ensure that both residents and dogs have a great time , only current Canine Friends dogs and dogs holding CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Certificates are allowed to take part in such visits.
As always the Nightrave pack was in, and this time, represented by Cobby (Cawbourne Snowy, CGC Bronze) and Lucy (Nightrave Ferret, CGC Gold).

Lucy has also been invited to become a Canine Friend, and take on rest-home visiting as an ongoing part of her career. She has been pleased to accept! Cobby is likely to become a Canine Friend next year.

Everybody ! (you can click on pictures to see full size)
Lucy and her friend Mitzi
Our local paper was there too and they took some photos - the photographer was SO impressed with Cobby's posing skills!! No surprise there :) Cobby posed and posed! :)


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Prince Diablo NICE! Read about him a while back on another forum. Great blog btw :)