Update from our foster boy Alex (Cool Idol)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Cute Alex
We just heard from Evan, Bridget, Uriel and Isabella from Palmerston North, who adopted our foster boy Alex (Cool Idol) in June this year. We love hearing about our foster doggies in their new homes -thanks a million for your lovely update guys!
They wrote:
Alex, he is one fantastic dog!  From the initial shy boy we had, day by day we see new aspects of his comical personality.
There is the ‘teenage’ Alex; sleeping all day, always thinking of food and trying to raid the pantry, acting before thinking and doing things at 100 miles per hour! Then there is the Alex that loves playing with little kids, always gentle with our 2 year old Isabella and allowing her to tuck him in at nights and provide him with soft toys to cuddle up with. He refuses to run anywhere near small children and always seems to look out for them. :)
With Isabella
 Alex also loves plays, walks and runs with our teenage son Uriel - which is always handy for whenever he ‘discovers’ extra food. But it is with his (little) big sister that he is happiest with, Jessie our Shetland Sheepdog. She rules Alex, keeps him inline and takes his bed whenever she wants, leaving him to try and curl up on hers. He is always out to impress her, which Jessie uses to her advantage when she cunningly incites Alex to chase the cat and watches with her tail wagging when he gets told off!
Alex and his sister Jessie The Sheltie :)
  Quickly he has become a little celebrity in our family and area with everyone wanting to know about him. He can still be a little guarded when meeting new dogs and cats, but very quickly he becomes their willing servant! We can’t wait to see a few of his races on DVD, it is hard to imagine that this big softie had any sort of a different life!
Many thanks Fatima for all your advice and support you gave us with Alex !
I did warn Bridget that all the family will scream and cheer when they see Alex's racing DVD :). This dog was an awesome racer and looked amazing on the track.
For those of you who have not ordered  your greyhound's racing DVD yet - here are the details on how to do it: http://greyhoundsnz.blogspot.co.nz/2009/10/order-your-greyhounds-races-on-dvd.html
Please order it if you can - it is truly incredible to have a chance to see your dog doing what he/she loves. Just a tip: I personally would order winning races only, as camera seems to focus on winning doggie the most.