Boxer, Disco and Jo

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's feature story: Jo's Boxer (Allegro Comet) and Disco (Gazza's Delight). Their proud Mum Jo says:

Why a greyhound? I have no idea - must be something to do with the fact I saw them around our village as a child as we had a track...not that I ever went!!!

Once I got settled in New Zealand I thought it was time to put down roots, get some responsibilities so I started looking - SPCA only had adult dogs for experienced owners - definitely not me - so somehow ended up on the GAP website. Liked the idea of a non-smelly, fine featured angular kind of dog, and of course it had to be black (me being an architect!).

Got a call whilst in Wellington for work saying they'd found me a dog and could I pick it up. One rental car and cancelled flight later was on my way to the GAP kennels. there and there was a huge beast of a hound in the office - luckily not for me...Boxer came out and was put in the rental car - we spent the next few hours looking at each other warily in the rear view mirror.
He took a while to thaw out, I took a while to get the hang of dog ownership - all very much by the book but we got there in the end.
You can take him anywhere, he is so cruisey, laidback and calm - he's even loving if you can read the subtle signs :-)

Above: Jo and Boxer at Big Gay Out

So... after two years I decided I'd best get another, and what did I do? Ask for the opposite kind of dog!!! Hmmm...not such a bright idea - in she came, Miss Disco, all nerves, cheek but super cuddly and affectionate. She's scared of lots of things, traffic and lawnmowers particularly, and she's not a café dog at all - BUT she is a keeper.

Below: Disco all tucked in :-)

The two dogs have taken time to become a pack, but we're there now and it's a total joy to see them running together or playing with their toys.
Can't imagine being without them now.
Below: Gorgeous Miss Disco ( I love how Christine's little boy Jamie pops up in all sorts of greyhound pictures :-))