A walk with Louie's ex-trainers :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009
A few weeks ago, we went for a walk with Pam and Denis Schofield, Louie's ex-trainers, who run busy greyhound kennels in Huntly.
They live in Devonport and we do meet for walks as often as we can. One of many great things about adopting Louie is that I got to meet lovely Pam and Denis (and their son David)! They both are just gorgeous and great company, and needless to say, we love hearing about our dogs' racing careers.

I took many pictures as the day was nice, but they mostly turned out out-of-focus
On the picture below (you can click on it for full size):
Denis (sitting down), holding my Louie (Charlston State), followed by 3 of Pam and Denis' pet hounds (the ones with coats :-))) and Helen with her hounds Cruzer (Charlston Kid, Louie's litter brother) and Enzo (Micro Benny).

Helen has had Cruzer for 2 years, and recently adopted Enzo, who looks so like Cruzer! :-) Helen now has two perfectly matching hounds! :-)