Update on our foster dog Kev :-)

Monday, September 28, 2009
Our foster dog Kev (Matrix Hero) has been adopted by Trisha and her family in Auckland, and is a new friend for Trisha's kids: Henry (6.5 years) and Lola (3.5 years).
I am so happy he was placed in a family with kids (well done Sonja and Irene!! :-) as he just loved kids when he was with us...
It was such a pleasure and priviledge to foster Kev, and it is just precious to see him so happy with his new family!

Trisha says: We had been on the waiting list with GAP for some time, as we really needed a kid and cat friendly dog. It is wonderful to get to know Kev, frisky and playfull, doing high speed laps of the back garden or just lazing about being a total sloth. He is just gorgeous and absolutely fab with Henry and Lola, and we are beginning to really appreciate just how lucky he and we are.
Bring on spring and all those long walks!