Labour Day 2009 - Scott's Ferry beach walk and races at the Manuwatu racecourse

Monday, October 26, 2009
Labour day - 26 October 2009 - was quite busy :-)
First, we took the hounds for a walk at Scotts Ferry beach. Fantastic weather, great turnout but lots of random people, fishermen, fishing lines, cars and other dogs on the beach so not much chance to free run the hounds... we still had fun, as you can see from the pictures below...(i took some of them, and stole some from Sonja's Facebook page!)

Below: Gail with her Zoe, and foster girl Nelly (Clan Mary Lou)

Below: Bob with Pricey (Our Price)

Below: Malcolm (Work Release), Isabella (Shoot The Bacon), Wilby (Ancient Rhythm)

Below: Irene with Roache (Awesome Enforcer) and Stevie (No Spoken Word)

Below: Robyn with Issie and Wilby

After the walk, we went to races at Manuwatu race track, and took the hounds with us:-)

Below: Snowy (Blemish) watching the races :-)

Below: Louie (Charlston State) checking out the lure :-)

Below: Jazzy( Homebush Squirt) and her human

And finally, me with Louie and Wilby :