Bonnie and Kerry

Monday, October 5, 2009

Today's story: Bonnie (Yallah Rose) and Kerry from Auckland.

Kerry says: Bonnie came to me as a very shy, somewhat nervous, retired racer. She did quite well on the track, raised a litter of pups, and fostered an orphaned litter at the same time.

A physical mess when she arrived, she is now elegant, shiny, and strong.

Although she can still be shy, she is playful and boisterous at home alone with me, and cannot understand why the cat won’t play with her (she’s gentle with the cat). She remains obsessed with food, although she is very polite about it. She is very gentle and extremely lazy, sleeping constantly unless there is activity in the house. However, she gets a good sprint in a few times a week either around the house or with other dogs at the beach or park. Bonnie is terrified of bangs (car backfires, hammering, fireworks), but otherwise seems quite steady. Her one fault is that she does go after, and catches, ducks. She almost never barks, is affectionate, and absolutely no trouble at all. I’m so glad I have her.